Meghan and Harry are in conflict with Netflix.  They want to pull a lot of scenes from the platform documentary

Meghan MarkleAnd the Prince Harry In open conflict with the broadcasting platform Netflix. The couple signed a lucrative contract with the producer some time ago. He began working on a document on the lives of the princely couple. Netflix heavily promoted its production with the participation of the British couple. He also invested a lot in it. became a manager Liz GarbusShe was nominated for an Oscar for her documentary work. Now that everything is almost ready, Meghan and Harry panicked.

Meghan Markle And the Prince Harry They want Cut multiple scenes from the movie and reassembled. According to the New York Post, “the couple are looking forward to making further adjustments to the much-anticipated agenda.”
The Hollywood connoisseur revealed: “There are many conversations going on. I heard Harry and Meghan want to pause the show until next year. I wonder if they just want to postpone the premiere or if Harry and Meghan just want to shelve the documentary?”

As a result, according to The Post, the Sussexes now want to re-tweak the show to “remove or downplay much of what they have said about it.” King CharlesAnd the Queen Consort CamillaPrince William and his wife Kate, the new Princess of Wales.

“They have asked to return the content they themselves provided — so much so that some Netflix employees believe that if they are fulfilled, the project will be postponed indefinitely,” Page Six writes, based on what a person associated with the streaming platform said.

Dan Wootton of the Daily Mail points out that the Sussex family have relied on Netflix from the start, when they were supposed to expect the streaming giant to be Preferably looking for a sensation in their story. It should be noted that Netflix produces the series “the crown”whose next season focuses on the breakdown of marriage Charles and Diana, the parents of Prince Harry.

According to Luton, there was such a contradiction HarryWho was able to sue the BBC for the media treatment of his late mother Princess Diana now He works on a platform that uses the name Diana for power He mocks the entire royal family in the comedy “The Windsors”.

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