Szkolnikowski criticizes Szpakowski.  “It’s a pity he ended the transmission that way” M¦

Dariusz Szbakowski could not have dreamed of a better World Cup farewell. He had the pleasure of commentating on what is widely considered the best final in World Cup history. Argentina defeated France on penalties to win football’s most expensive trophy for the third time in history. However, the TVP commentator is not ending his career. He still has new goals and challenges ahead.

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Rostkowski assesses Marchiniak’s final: France-Argentina match was well-controlled by a Pole

Marek Shkolnikovsky bids farewell to Dariusz Szbakowski. “I can’t imagine he’d find a better time.”

President sports On TVP, Marek Zkolnikowski slightly criticized the famous Dariusz Szbakowski in an interview with Janusz Passage on the channel’s “Two Armchairs”. matches.

– I missed Włodek Szaranowicz’s tribute to his passing Adam Ma³ysz. This will go down in the history of journalism. Of course everything is written and prepared, but it is always said that the best improvisation is the one that is prepared. It’s a pity that Darek ended this broadcast in this way, said Marek Shkolnikovsky.

exit TVB Sport It is believed that Dariusz Szpakowski may have ended his 40-year career as a commentator. The 71-year-old journalist, in his opinion, did not catch the perfect moment.

– It seems to me [MŚ w Katarze] That was the best moment to say “This was my last broadcast”. I can’t imagine there is a better moment – especially a World Cup final like this, Messi’s phenomenal story. Something that can sum up these 40 years of work and these outstanding names: Maradona, MessiMbappe… Szkolnikowski added.

This is not to say, however, that the Head of Sports of Public Television has no idea of ​​using Dariusz Szbakowski’s skills and discretion. Marek Shkolnikovsky sees him in a new role.

– I have an idea for Szpakowski. I would like Darik to be present at the national team matches and in the studio. His voice is special and if he says something, it means something important for Polish football. Certainly the idea for that. Nobody kicks him off TV, nobody orders him to retire. But I believe in that Euro 2020 He was weak in his performance – he was in bad shape, there were a lot of mistakes, confusing the Swedes with the Danes. He acted much weaker, but this World Cup was very good, – he announced.

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And Dariusz Czbakowski confirmed an important decision before the confrontation between Argentina and France. For Polish fans, this could mean the end of an era. “For me, goodbye World Cup. I don’t put the microphone aside, but in four years I won’t go to the USA, Mexico and Canada. I got a souvenir here. I have a cup: a thumbnail – said the 71-year-old commentator.

TVP commentator for many years still wants to work. He set himself the goal of working at the European Championships in GermanyWhich will take place in 2024. The qualifying rounds for the tournament will start in March. Farewell to the European Championships is not only up to me. I would like. I hope with the Polish national team. Dariusz Szpakowski said: This will be my farewell to the Euros.

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