Superzaur - the biggest new dinosaur in the world

According to the latest research by the American Brian Curtis, the length of the superboat was up to 42 meters, which will allow him to take the leading position in the ranking of the longest dinosaurs in history.

To better illustrate what a great creature we are talking about, 42 meters can be turned into a basketball court and a half, or nine passenger cars parked one behind the other, or 25 people of average height lined up in the same way. Really strong animal.

The superzaurus lived about 150 million years ago on the territory of the United States today. His remains were discovered at the Dry Mesa quarry in southwest Colorado.

At first, scientists believed that the bones found in 1972 belonged to two different species, but now it turns out that they were owned by a single giant reptile. The previous misinterpretation is attributed, inter alia, to the failure to take into account some of the distortions caused by the cracks.

Interestingly, the neck of the creature itself can reach a length of 16 meters, while the length of its tail reaches 18 meters.

Previously, the largest dinosaur found in the area of ​​present-day Argentina was found. The length of the individual was 37 meters and to this day it has been called the largest (in terms of length) creature that has walked on our planet.

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