The Barbara Novak case.  Medical Council: This should result in job loss

The Medical Council stressed that vaccination against Covid-19 is a medical procedure that saves health and life and reduces the tragic effects of the epidemic.

“Any claim to undermine this fact not only has no scientific justification, but by discouraging vaccination, increases the number of victims of the epidemic. In this context, the Medical Council considers that Denial of the value of vaccination against COVID-19 by people performing public functions is unacceptable and should lead to a loss of public office”- Posted in Position Board on Monday.

And the newspaper, “Gazeta Weporkza”, reported, Monday, that “Members of the Medical Council in the Cabinet are calling for the resignation of Barbara Novak over her statement on vaccinations. In order for the council president to publish his official position, they had to threaten their resignations.”

The Medical Council is an auxiliary body to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. It consists of the Chairman of the Board of Directors a. Andrzej Horban and more than fifteen medical experts. The tasks of the Medical Council include, first of all, analyzing and evaluating the current situation in the country, preparing proposals for action and issuing opinions on legal actions.

Barbara Novak, Education Curator of Malopolska When asked Friday on Zeit Radio about whether teachers’ COVID-19 vaccinations should be mandatory, she replied that she absolutely disagrees with the idea of ​​forcing anyone to do anything. “It is a free decision for every free man” – assessed. as she added, “The results of this trial have not been fully demonstrated.”

Her stance was met with criticism, among other things Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Nidzelsky. “I admit that by having a historical rather than a medical education, I should not comment on the vaccine,” Barbara Novak, the education supervisor at Malopolska, wrote in a subsequent post Friday on social media.

PiS politicians were asked about a possible resignation on Monday.

– And indeed the probation officer made an unfortunate statement, but we believe that this is not a reason to appeal – he said Vice President of Ryszard TerleckiThey add that there will be no resignation.

PiS spokeswoman Anita Zierwinska She noted that the Malopolska Superintendent of Education had withdrawn. – As evaluated by Minister T Case closed – She added.

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