"If the results prove correct, it will be one of the most important discoveries in particle physics"
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Calculations at the University of Bonn indicate that the Standard Model should be extended. We can’t be completely sure of this yet. Our calculations must be more accurate. However, if the results are confirmed, it will be one of the most important discoveries in particle physics in recent years, says lead author of the study Chien-Yeah Seng. Their results have just been published on the pages Physics Letters B.

The Standard Model, which has been in force for several decades, describes three of the four fundamental interactions and all known particles. This is one of the most important theories of physics. It has resisted many attempts to undermine it and has been confirmed on numerous occasions. It is a model that perfectly describes the universe, and at the same time we know that it is very incomplete. It does not describe gravity, dark matter, and dark energy, nor does it take into account the mass of the neutrino. So we often hear about the possibility of “physics beyond the Standard Model”. The Bonn scientists’ research provides another – strong – indication that such physics exists. Scientists have derived it from studies on the decay of kaon.

Kaons (K mesons) are part of cosmic rays. They are unstable, quickly collapse. In the Standard Model, this decay is described as the V element.weIts value can be calculated from the experimental data. However, the problem is that the value is different for different types of decay. This may indicate that there are phenomena beyond the Standard Model. However, we cannot be sure of this for three reasons.

First, experimental measurements may be incorrect or inaccurate. Second, the calculations on which they are based may be inaccurate. Third, the Standard Model can be wrong about kaons.

It is now believed that the number one cause of V-value problems.we outside the question text. We are able to study V with increasing accuracyweSubsequent experiments give the same results.

However, we still don’t know if V.we On the basis of the standard model are correct. This is because we can only perform these calculations with some approximation and only with powerful supercomputers. At the moment, we do not have machines that allow us to accurately calculate Vwe. To ensure the correctness of V.’s accounts.we We will have to use the most powerful computers for decades to come. This is not an option. However, we want to know if we can believe our calculations of V.weBecause only then will we be able to ascertain if there is a defect in the Standard ModelSingh explains.

The researcher and his colleagues from Bonn have proposed a new method that greatly shortens the computation time. We divide the accounts of V.we into many small parts. Thanks to this, we were able to calculate the value of V.we In order to decay kaons much faster and more accurately than previously possiblesays the world.

Calculations show that there are indeed differences in V values.we Calculated on the basis of the standard model. This, in turn, is a strong indication that the decay of quans is affected by phenomena not described by the Standard Model. However, as mentioned in the introduction, we can’t be completely sure of this because Seng and his team’s calculations are still not accurate enough.

The dissolution component of Kaun Standard Form Vus

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