Is Mata's new album cover plagiarism?  The author took the word

Misha Machak It is called the voice of the younger generation. The rapper, born in 2000, is considered one of the most famous rappers in Poland. The single “Kiss Cam” was released at the end of June. At the beginning of July, the whole world wrote about Mata’s romantic song, because the song was on the US Billboard chart. This is the first song in Polish that was included in the collection. It was later claimed that the track was very similar to the track performed by American rapper Polo J “Martin & Jenna”. The day before the premiere of the music video for the song that announced Mata’s second album, the album cover appeared on Mata’s Instagram. Now, several weeks after the premiere of “Młodego Matczak”, voices have emerged that the image taken by the famous Polish photographer Zuza Krajewska is a plagiarism.

Cover of “Młodego Matczak is Plagiarism”?

A Buenos Aires photographer, Romina Recia, recalled a photo taken in 2017 on her Instagram account. The model in the photo shows the teeth using dental spoons.

Zuzanna Krajewska decided to post a comment below the photo provided by the photographer.

A storm broke out under this comment, so the photographer decided to speak on her profile.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Zuzanna Krajewska participated in an interview during which the idea of ​​Matczak’s cap was invented.

Photo: Instagram screen / zuzakrajewska

Comment from Zuzanna Krajewska

An observer of the Polish photographer noted that before the Argentine artist took the picture, many people had already taken such shots. This kind of photo was meant to be taken by Polish model Monica Jagaciak. Zuzanna Krajewska’s InstaStory featured a photo of a Polish woman from the session in 2010.

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