Suchan taunted Westbrook and got punched in the face.  A brick right in the nose

There were dunks, there were rebounds, there were good defensive measures. There he also played in different positions, because Jeremy Sochan started as a big winger, but then for a moment he played as a quarterback and as a midfielder. There were 26 minutes in total, during which – 12 points, six rebounds and three steals. There was also the 10th defeat in the last 11 matches – the San Antonio Spurs lost in Los Angeles to Lakers 92: 123. In the presence of many Hollywood stars including. Anthony Kiedis and Flea, musicians of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Jeremy Suchan. Amazing story! When will he play for the Polish national team again?

However, the biggest star has been missing. We’ve been waiting for Sushan’s first game against LeBron James, and we’ll be waiting even longer. A few hours before the Sunday meeting Los Angeles Lakers It was announced that their star would miss the fourth game in a row, however, the muscle injury had not yet fully healed. Maybe LeBron will be fit by the end of the week when the Lakers come to San Antonio for Friday and Saturday games.

Although the Lakers are at the bottom of the Western table, they have other stars besides LeBron. On Sunday, Anthony Davis played very well, scoring 30 points, grabbing 18 rebounds and blocking hard in one of the first measures. Not impressive, but decent Russell Westbrook, who added 10 assists to 10 points. But we looked at it more closely in the context of Suchan. Will something happen between them or not?

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Westbrook’s pass hit Sushan in the face

It was one of Sushan’s most famous pre-season feats NBA. Tottenham Hotspur basketball players took part in a game where they guessed words based on teammates’ suggestions. “Russell Westbrook had a lot of them,” Malachy Branham, another Tottenham debutant, told Soshan. – Bricks? Pole answered quickly. It caused a stir on the InternetBecause it was a triple double, which is Westbrook Perfects, not about very inaccurate throws that bounce off the board. Westbrook, who has been criticized for so long, happens often really, but for a 19-year-old rookie waiting for his first major league game to mock the star like that?

On Sunday in Los Angeles, Sushan met Westbrook in the NBA for the first time, and he could see who was throwing more bricks. Because there is no doubt that the Polish representative from a “brick” distance to power – well, he hits the hoop, not the plate itself, but it’s a bad consolation, because before Sunday’s match he had 6/36 for three, and against the Lakers he missed three times much worse From Westbrook, who shot 32% from long range during the season – but only 40% of all shots from the field.

On the pitch, there was almost no interaction between him and Soshan, although the Tottenham winger guarded Westbrook in several moves. Once he managed to cut a pass well and counterattack, but nothing came of it. In the second half, they also played against each other for a while, and in one move, Lakers quarterback Sushan hit the ball in the face. Pass to the basket, but not strictly. Well, you could say it rubs the novice’s nose.

What Soshan undoubtedly did was the first half, as the pole was active, mobile and efficient under the basket – both in terms of fight About groups and end actions. In the third quarter, Soshan played like the whole team. Former Tottenham basketball player Sean Elliott commented on the match, saying, “They are mentally absent.” After 36 minutes, the Lakers lead 95:67.

In the fourth quarter, Spurs assistant coach Brett Brown Gregg Popovich was with the team in the ring, but before the game he felt unwell and decided to rest, he let Soshan in for a few more minutes and finally finished. He scored from entering to complete the team’s fastest action, but the fouled free kick was missed. Moments later, his three-pointer only flew into the front ring, but an interception and dunk on the next action sweetened the less successful actions.

A new day, another chance to grow. I love you all, have a nice day,” Soshan tweeted before the match. And knowing his positive approach to life, even from the team’s fifth consecutive loss, he will surely bring something positive out of it. For example, after a five-game winning streak, Tottenham finally came back to the home.

The team from San Antonio has a 6-12 record and is third from bottom in the NBA West table. The Lakers, whose win over the Spurs was their third in a row, are just behind Sunday’s opponents—they have a 5-10 record.

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