slag.  Fallopaz took a huge risk.  This may affect the final result

Max Frick, despite his thumb injury, has announced that he will play in the eWinner 1 LŻ final on Saturday. But the problem is that the injury appears to be serious and Fallopaz’s coaching staff is not ready to face the potential problems of this player.

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Max Frick wears a yellow helmet

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Max Frick wearing a yellow helmet

On Thursday, the Australian coach, Thomas Jaszynski, assured us that the final decision on whether to start the opponent in Saturday’s final would not be made until Saturday. We are optimistic because motorcyclists are people who are made of different clays and are very resistant to pain. The situation is serious, but Max Frick is doing his best to help Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra – Gaszyński admitted.

The competitor was constantly undergoing treatment and consulting doctors, but in fact one hundred percent could not estimate whether a competitor with a damaged thumb was able to keep the motorcycle and ride at its normal level on Saturday. However, the tactical setup means that without him Fallopaz could be completely helpless and have trouble catching up with a 10-point loss from the first final. All because Frick is placed 13th, which means that in the middle stage of the competition, this rider will ride with a novice twice.

– Such a decision is risky and not even about whether the rider will start, but about whether he will get injured during the competition or if he will ride weaker than usual. These two options are very likely, and Valopaz is not ready for them. Of course, the Australian can be replaced by Mateusz Tonder, but in this case he faces a very difficult task – admits the former director of Apator, Jacek Gajewski.

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In his opinion, it would be safer to field Rohan Tonget in 13th place, as this player looks more confident in the context of Saturday’s match. Fricke, put in place, will have a much easier task, because the match will start with a pair with Piotr Protasiewicz, after which he will support fast Jan Kvech twice and only at the end will go with a junior player. Even with health problems, it will be a little easier to replace it and the owners of the spouses can cope with the task.

– The scale of the difficulties is confirmed by the fact that if during the competition Frick’s injury was too painful, Tonder would replace him in the third series and would have to compete with husband Tobiasz Mosilak – Mateusz Szczybányak, with Maxim Borowiak at his side. The possibility of aggravating the injury during the match is very likely, because it concerns not only a difficult surface, but also a possible fall. Nobody wants him to do that, but such a situation should be taken into account – adds Gajewski.

An interesting fact is the behavior of the Cellfast coaching staff Wilków Krosno, which, due to the problems of the rival leader, did not put Tobiasz Musielak in the team. This player will be allowed entry in minutes on match day for someone from the duo Rafay Karczmarz – Muse Grigolic. Will this maneuver bring the citizens of Krosno closer to victory?

– Frankly, I do not fully understand the intentions of such behavior. The Wolves staff were first quoted from the line-up and may have wanted to have some wiggle room in the absence of Frick. The start of the game can be important, so I think it’s more likely that Musilac will play second. However, I don’t think this will have an impact on the outcome of the match, because Musielak hasn’t been in such a good shape lately that the starting number plays a major role – adds Gajewski.

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