slag.  Apator coach directly says how many points he counts on Sunday.  “That’s the goal”

For Nature Solutions, Apator Toruń will compete for bronze in this season’s Polish Tag Team Championship. The first game is already on Sunday, and Robert Sauena is talking candidly about the points balance he will satisfy before the rematch.

Konrad Senkowski

Friedrich Lindgren (left) and Bowie Przydbinski

WP SportoweFakty / Patryk Kowalski / Pictured: Fredrik Lindgren (left) and Paweł Przedpełski

For Nature Solutions, Apator Toruń had no problems qualifying for the playoff matches, even though the competitors shed a lot of blood on them. Their rise to the ladder began in the quarter-finals, when they only advanced to the semi-finals as a lucky loser, and in the semi-finals they had to acknowledge the superiority of Motor Lublin.

Now the players of Robert Sauena are waiting for the bronze medal in the PGE Ekstraliga. This is the final goal for this season and we believe we will succeed in achieving it. We count on a very good attitude from all competitors and a solid result on our track, and later in Shestokhova we will be worried – the Apator coach admitted at the press conference.

In Toruń they are optimistic about preparing for the track. Sawina acknowledged that the forecast rain will be on Saturday, but then there isn’t much on the track, and the optimistic forecast for Sunday means there shouldn’t be problems on the surface. So everything will be in the hands of the players.

Watch the video + Canal + prepares for a series about the highway? The editor-in-chief replied

– We will try as a team to score as many points as possible and count on each player. We do not look back at one or two, because the whole team is important and in this I will see our success – added Sawina.

The first meeting of the Bronze Disc will take place on Sunday at Motoarena im. Marian Rose. In the main round, the Angels defeated their opponent from the south of the country by 48:42, and the final race decided the fate of the match.

– After this meeting with Motors, we learned that these points were not enough. Unfortunately, Włókniarz isn’t much different from the team than Lublin, so we’ll be aiming for roughly 52-54 points on our course. Sawena commented that this is the goal we set for ourselves.

Sunday game starts at 17:00. WP SportoweFakty will report live on this meeting.

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