Stunning image of the space between the moon and Earth from the Lucy probe

Lucy’s investigation He travels in space for a year. During all these months, I sent Earth many wonderful pictures of the surroundings of our planet. This time we can enjoy the eyes with another beautiful picture The earth and the moon appeared.

As explained by NASA astronomers, from this perspective we can see the distance between the blue planet and the Silver Globe. Its average length is 384,000 km. Interestingly, 30 of our planets can fit into the space between these planets. Although the moon appears close to us, it takes 1 second for light to travel this path, a A car trip there at a speed of 100 km / h takes approximately 158 days.

The photo posted by Lucy’s investigation was taken on October 13 this year. Looking at the earth and the moon in the background with the dark abyss of space, it is impossible not to bear the weight, What kind of pollen are we in the vastness of the universe. Astronomers believe that there are trillions of planets throughout the universe. Some of them are friendly to the flourishing of life. Despite this fact, since the dawn of history, mankind has waged meaningless wars with itself over ridiculously small territories. Remember the picture too pale blue dotthe famous image taken by the spacecraft Voyager-1 at a distance of 6.4 billion kilometers from our planet.

The NASA spacecraft was christened Lucy, a reference to the name Famous hominin skeleton Lucy. It was discovered in 1974 in the valley of the Auash River in Ethiopia. Thanks to him, we got acquainted with the history of the development of human creatures. Likewise, Lucy’s research could help uncover fossils left over from planetary formation and evolution.

Sony Lucy’s mission will last for 12 years. NASA’s first introductory device will begin Trojan asteroid search in 2025, but until 2027 engineers will pick a few and take a closer look at them by 2033. Asteroid 52246 DonaldJohansson will be explored for a good start. Then we should get such a huge amount of very interesting information on the basis of which we will be able to understand the entire history of the formation of the solar system, including our planet.

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