Quantum batteries are being created.  A breakthrough in energy storage and charging is imminent

Batteries that use quantum phenomena to harvest, distribute and store energy are expected to exceed the capabilities and usefulness of conventional chemical batteries in some low-power applications. For the first time, scientists, including scientists from the University of Tokyo, are using quantum process to improve the performance of so-called quantum batteries, bringing the technology closer to reality.

The quantum battery holds huge potential for sustainable energy applications and the potential for integration into future electric vehicles. However, these new devices can be used in a variety of portable and low-power applications, especially where charging options are limited.

How does a quantum battery work?

Currently, if you try to charge a battery using two chargers, you must do so sequentially, which limits your options to only two possible things. However, using a quantum effect called ICO opens the possibility of charging quantum batteries in a different way. In this case, multiple charges arranged in different arrangements can coexist simultaneously, creating a quantum superposition.

Quantum batteries only exist in laboratory experiments, and researchers around the world are working on various aspects that could one day be combined into fully functional, practical applications. Scientists Yuanbo Chen and Yoshihiko Hasegawa from the Department of Information and Communications Engineering at the University of Tokyo are searching for the best way to charge a quantum battery, and time is of the essence. One advantage of quantum batteries is that they should be very efficient, but this depends on how they are charged.

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