Here is a project for a new and beautiful stadium in Poland.  More space is needed

The saga of the new street stadium in Lublin is well underway. Although the last project seemed to be final, the council members decided once again to make appropriate corrections that would change the most important issues in the land development plan. The main reason for this is the need to increase capacity (from the current 10,000, although not all of them can be used for safety reasons), as the initial number of chairs is still not enough to accommodate all black sports fans in a city.

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This is pathology. The stands in the maps

More land is needed

According to the information provided by the portal stadiums. netThe primary constraint that imposes corrections in the design is the size of the area on which the entire investment will be carried out. As per the applicable regulations, there should be 20 parking spaces for every 100 seats. In addition, for every 1,000 seats, there must also be 3 bus places in the car park. In the event of an increase in the carrying capacity of the facility, this means that an underground garage must be built under the stadium, which, in turn, does not fully comply with the anti-terror regulations.

Lublin City Council members finally decided to apply for the possibility of reducing the parking lot from 4000 to 800 places, as an argument using the possibility of placing the car near the Lublin square, the water park or the new communication center. In addition, it has been recognized that most street fans reach the stadium by buses, so parking spaces are not often needed.

If the need to change the project is bypassed, the board members will have to prepare another project that may take several months. This means that construction of the new Motor Lublin hive must not begin at least until the end of next season. However, Kozuyuki still has to move to a new home by 2026.

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