5 Apr 2024, 15:05:52 – bartekwr9
Second League: ŁKS II was punished by exiting the match against Polonia Bytom

The Competitions and Professional Football Committee of the Polish Football Association verified the result of the match of the 26th round of the Second Division ŁKS II Lodz – Polonia Bytom with a 0-3 draw at the expense of FC Lodz.

The decision was based on exceeding the limit for non-EU foreigners – at the same time, Japanese Yuya Kamon and Iranian Yadegar Rostami were on the field for ŁKS II.

The score on the field was 0-2.

Source: PZPN

kiboul – April 5, 2024, at 15:17:16 – *.play-internet.pl
The Japanese and Iranians played in the starting lineup. Well done, ŁKS Director.

olo – 5 April 2024, at 15:20:04 – *.toya.net.pl
Nonsense recipe. 10 old Slovaks can play and that's fine, but 9 Poles and two Brazilians will play in the team and that's fine. What is the purpose of this? Because it certainly does not protect young Polish players

DumaWlk – 5 Apr 2024, at 15:21:26 – *.22.194.142.ipv4.supernova.orange.pl
It doesn't matter anyway, because because they lost, they would only add an extra goal to their loss, but the regulations regarding the cap for non-EU players should have been abolished a long time ago. It is enough for two young players to play in the second league.

middle – April 5, 2024, at 15:22:59 – *.dynamic.mm.pl
On 27 August, in the second league match between ŁKS II Łódź and KKS Kalisz, Kelechukwu Ibe Torte (Nigeria) and Ricardo Gonçalves do Nascimento (Brazil) were on the pitch from the first minute to the 72nd minute, so there should have been a round! Judge Troshimiuk!

xp – 5 April 2024, at 15:25:05 – *.icpnet.pl
Kelechukwu Ibe-Torti is a Polish youth actor

@middle – April 5, 2024, at 15:25:20 – *.dynamic.inetia.pl
Both players mentioned are Polish.

rex – 5 April 2024, at 15:26:45 – *.dynamic.chello.pl
Having Polish citizenship is not the same as being Polish.

Storm – 5 April 2024, at 15:31:44 – *.146.116.142.mobile.internet.t-mobile.pl
The only thing that can be restricted is non-EU foreigners – because EU law requires EU citizens to be treated on an equal footing with Poles.

fall from grace – 5 April 2024, at 15:33:53 – *.30.102.12
Hahahaha, the broke people from the mosque cannot even take care of such simple matters….

Great pride – 5 April 2024, at 15:34:05 – *.255.45.110
@rks And you know that's the case legally. Goncalves was born in Poland and has lived there all his life, so he is Polish. It is not necessary for a Polish person to have the surname Kowalski or Nowak, otherwise look for such a provision in Polish law and constitution.

Mike – 5 April 2024, at 15:35:05 – *.106.189.50
So what is the benefit of this ban? Young Groski ran through the Brazilian crowd in Pujon and became a star of the national team…

rafix – April 5, 2024, at 15:35:50 – *.dynamic.mm.pl
It's the equivalent of, unfortunately, you're wrong, you fucking racist.

middle – 5 April 2024, at 15:39:54 – *.dynamic.mm.pl
Lamine Coulibaly/Mali/Yuya Kamon/Japan played together on the pitch from the 84th minute in the KKS Kalisz – ŁKS II Lodz match.

@middle – April 5, 2024, at 15:41:07 – *.sileman.net.pl
They both have Polish citizenship, smartass.

rex – 5 April 2024, at 15:42:51 – *.dynamic.chello.pl
“Find me a recipe like this.” Is the Polish national team a team made up of Polish or Polish nationals? Citizenship is an ethnic category, an administrative citizenship, and not every Polish citizen is Polish, nor is every Pole necessarily a Polish citizen. Racism has nothing to do with it, but maybe it should.

Amused – 5 April 2024, at 15:47:39 – *.centertel.pl
The legendary ŁKS reserve, where young Poles were supposed to play in the first team🤡
(Ł)ódzki (S)port abaret, simply.

He was – 5 April 2024, at 15:50:14 – *.centertel.pl
@wichura And not only that, because this clause does not apply to Ukrainians who are outside the European Union

@rks – 5 April 2024, at 15:53:09 – *.249.203.67
The national team consists of Polish citizens who hold Polish citizenship, which qualifies them to play in the Polish national team. The rest is all nonsense. Maybe you are very young, but when Olisadebe, for example, plays for the Polish national team. As for your obsession with rhythm, Goncalves was born in Poland, has a Polish mother and has lived in Poland all his life, so he is a native Polish. The same goes for Romanczuk and his predecessors from Poland, so I don't see any problems with their rhythm while playing in the Polish national team.

@rks – 5 April 2024, at 15:54:41 – *.249.203.67
Races, sorry phone call.

ROMIC – 5 April 2024, at 15:56:15 – *.28.88.127
Reserves are at the level of the club president, i.e. less than zero.

rex – 5 April 2024, at 15:58:51 – *.dynamic.chello.pl
I remember Olisadebe perfectly, and I also remember the professor's statement. Wolniewicz about him, which hit his head. Goncalves (whoever he is, I hope it's not his mother's regret) may have Polish citizenship, lived here all his life and speaks Polish, but he doesn't have the genotype and phenotype of Pole. Genes determine so much of a person's personality, behavior and attitudes that identity – in this case Polish – is left to upbringing, environment or chance. Unfortunately, the representation of Polish passport holders is an administratively inadequate system; A team consisting of ethnic representatives of a certain nationality will be much better.

@rks – 5 April 2024, at 16:13:05 – *.46.33.102
Right now, the guilty conscience of stupidity is you, you are using words you do not understand and in the process you are insulting others. And answer one thing – do you think that Mickiewicz, who was born in Belarus and grew up there, is Polish, because it follows that, unlike Romanchuk, we cannot have any reservations about his Polish identity. So think twice about what you write and apply the same rule to everyone. Goncalves comes from a Polish background, so he has Polish genes, but these are uncomfortable facts for you. I'm just proving to you that what you assumed from the beginning is nonsense that has nothing to do with acting and reality.

Residents of Rzeszow – 5 April 2024, at 16:20:52 – *.225.16.115 (*.17.136.18)
LKS wins on all fronts ;))))

@RKS – 5 April 2024, at 16:21:42 – *.bytom.vectranet.pl
RKS – Check your DNA, because you don't look to me like a native Polish citizen. You are trying hard to prove your superiority over other countries.

rex – 5 April 2024, at 16:24:52 – *.dynamic.chello.pl
As for Mickiewicz or Romanczuk – they certainly have a large portion of genes that can be identified as Polish, but if the counterargument to what I write is that there are borderline cases, then the whole thing doesn't hold up a bit. Pointing out differences (especially those that can be seen with the naked eye) is not an insult – humans are creatures who, even unconsciously, cling to those who are similar to them; At scale, this allows us to better organize communities, especially those where you can. Leave a bike or window open somewhere. For this reason alone, no one would ever “apply the same rule to everyone,” especially when they have to choose between someone close to them or a stranger.

Two thousand – 5 April 2024, at 17:00:26 – *.30.14.37.mobile.internet.t-mobile.pl
They can't count, that's how it is

@rks – 5 April 2024, at 17:02:43 – *.145.233.57
You're actually making up such nonsense that I feel sorry for you. So the borderline examples are weak, so how do you explain, for example, that Poles in Germany were the largest criminal minority who stole bicycles or cars, and so your next bogus argument fails. As for ethnic origin itself, it is also a relative concept, because if you consider that cities like Vilnius, Grodno or Lviv are Polish, then Ukrainians or Lithuanians who prove that they have Polish genes will, in your opinion, be able to play in the Polish national team. I'm just showing you that the world is not as black and white as people like you think. You can't explain everything by ethnicity, and the example of Mickiewicz, who grew up in Poland, illustrates that perfectly.

Abator – 5 April 2024, at 17:24:26 – *.dynamic.gprs.plus.pl
Funny recipe

Gorgon – 5 April 2024, at 17:45:15 – *.dynamic.chello.pl
They won't advance anyway because their 0.6 teammates fly from the top flight, only Widzew 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦

OBSriK – 5 April 2024, at 20:34:31 – *.centertel.pl
After all, this ruling is racist

com.belchatów – 5 April 2024, at 20:55:17 – *.devs.futuro.pl
To olo….. If you are promoted to 4th grade and start reading with comprehension…. We will take you back to the portal 90 minutes

com.belchatów – 5 April 2024, at 20:59:07 – *.devs.futuro.pl
@łask…. Damn, can you name an important club of grace? Even in the third league. Because I only remember a club like Byczyna Łask.

Rudy – 5 Apr 2024, at 21:49:49 – *.8.226.134.ipv4.supernova.orange.pl
ŁKS, i.e. Lodz Sports Settlement. This name did not come out of nowhere

one thousand – April 5, 2024, at 21:56:57 – *.play-internet.pl
@rks stop this racist bullshit his only accomplishment is that he was born in a certain part of the world completely by accident and for some reason he is proud of it.

Slazak – April 5, 2024, at 23:00:59 – *.dynamic.inetia.pl
If there are 11 Polish citizens on the pitch and there are no Poles (or, if possible, no Europeans), will the limit for non-EU foreigners be exceeded?

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