Steam employees made more money for Valve than those who worked at Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple
Mark 15 2024, 21:25

According to leaked email correspondence from Valve employees in 2018, the gaming company was supposed to have higher profits per employee than giants like Facebook or Apple.

Image source: Valve Trailers/GameSpot.


The newsletter's journalists received very interesting information about the financial situation of Valve six years ago TheGameDiscoverCo. After analyzing documents related to the legal battle with the Wolfire Games studio that began in 2021, they came to the conclusion that in 2018, the gaming giant that runs Steam can boast of impressive results.

  • according to Internal examinationit was then supposed to create Valve Higher revenue per employee compared to companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple or Microsoft.
  • Thus, the company headed by Gabe Newell was at that time one of the most prosperous companies in the entire technology industry (if not the best).
  • According to estimates, Valve earned more than 780 thousand. Dollars per employeeoutperforming Facebook in this regard and outperforming, among others, Apple ($476,000) and Netflix ($233,000).

The above data comes from email correspondence with Valve employees, which was revealed in connection with the lawsuit filed against Steam creators by the independent studio Wolfire Games that produces the titles. In 2021 that The developer accused Gabe Newell's company of monopolistic practices Regarding the problematic 30% commission (which has been the subject of heated correspondence between Valve and Epic Games) that is charged when games are sold on Steam. Interestingly, this issue has not yet been resolved.

However, given the recent record of player activity on Steam, something tells me that Valve is probably still one of the most effective tech companies in the world.

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