Residents of Poland once again had the opportunity to observe an unusual phenomenon in the sky – the flights of Elon Musk’s “space train”. Furthermore, the International Space Station will also be visible in the night sky on Wednesday.

The Starlink satellites, which are part of the SpaceX project, are colloquially referred to as “space trains.” This is because they line up and cross the night sky. The appearance of Elon Musk’s next “space train” over Poland is linked to the G7-3 mission carried out by SpaceX. During which 21 satellites were launched into space from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in Florida, California, aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. They will operate the ever-expanding satellite system, which will ensure connectivity almost everywhere in the world.

Starlink over Poland

As reported by Nocne Niebo’s Zbyszek, Elon Musk’s “space train” was visible on Wednesday at 7:44 p.m. Zbicek announced, “The flight will begin in the western sky. The satellites will fly high in the middle of the sky, toward the east. The entire flight will take more than 4 minutes.” Starlink flights lasted a long time, so even people with no experience observing the sky had enough time to locate the satellites.

The exact flight times of Starlink satellites for individual locations can be checked on special websites such as Find Starlink or ISS Tracker. The satellites should be visible to the naked eye, but for a better experience, it is worth using amateur telescopes.

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International Space Station to Poland

On Wednesday, September 27, Starlinks didn’t just appear over Poland. In addition, you can also enjoy trips to the International Space Station (ISS). On the Nocne niebo website, you can find out that the first event occurred at 7:16 p.m. In many places at this time, the sky may not yet be dark enough, making observations difficult. Fortunately, the next flight takes place a little later, at 20:56. It is worth looking for a bright spot that will be difficult to confuse with anything else.

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