The National Bank of Poland published an article about inflation.  “Washing eyes before elections”

The National Bank of Poland is simply propaganda – this is how Lukasz Kijek, editor-in-chief of the Money Portal, commented on the TVN24 BiS website published by the Central Bank on Wednesday. In that report, the National Bank claims that prices are no longer rising, and Adam Glabinski declares, “We have ended the threat of inflation.”

The photo taken by the National Bank of Poland (NBP) shows an elderly man in a local store. He buys butter, flour and sugar, pays with a 20 Polish zloty note, and the seller gives him the rest. We don’t know how much. Then he turns to the camera and says: – I noticed that I have more left again. Prices are no longer rising and some products are cheaper than they were a few months ago.

The narrator says: – You are right. Prices of selected food products are already falling. Prices have not risen for five months, despite the ongoing war and foreign influence.

At this point, a graph appears and the short film ends with a quote from the head of the Polish National Bank, Adam Glabinski, from a press conference. -We have achieved great success and great joy. The head of the central bank said: We have ended the risk of inflation.

NBP “plays propaganda”

– I think that the Polish National Bank is simply playing propaganda, although it is not included in the statute (written – editor’s note). It is about something completely different, which is fighting inflation and stabilizing prices,” Lukas Kijek, editor-in-chief of Money, said on TVN24 BiS.

– However, what we saw was just an extreme wishful thinking of reality. More important, he added, was the chart that the National Bank of Poland had been displaying for several weeks, indicating that inflation had been defeated.

“All we have to do is look at what is happening around us at the moment and we can see that everyone is trying to support the Polish National Bank and the government before the elections at any cost. Various miracles are happening,” Kijek noted. At the gas pumps, various price miracles occur, which show that inflation is currently artificially low.

Inflation in PolandDoor/ Matthews Krymski

“Poland failed to overcome inflation”

TVN24 BiS guest stated that prices are currently growing much faster than the inflation target set by the National Bank of Japan. It is 2.5 percent. With the possibility of deviation up or down by 1 percentage point.

– Everything indicates that this is just a temporary trick, especially before the elections, and not, as the president said, defeating inflation – said Lukas Kijek.

Poland has not been able to overcome inflation, and unfortunately it will not be possible to overcome it in the coming quarters. You will be with us for a long time which means prices will rise. Not at a rate close to 20 percent, but at a rate of 10, 9, 8 percent, and this is still eating up our savings, and this is unfortunately very bad for the economy, Kicik points out.

Main image source: Rafael Guz/PAP

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