Starfield was supposed to make a fortune, although not much compared to The Elder Scrolls
September 25, 2023 at 10:03 pm

The recent leak of Microsoft documents continues to provide interesting information. We got some insight into the financial outlook for Bethesda’s first offerings, like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks


The recent leak of company documents related to Microsoft’s legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission has received widespread attention in the gaming community. The disclosure of a range of internal information has given the public a unique insight into the company’s activities and plans.

The site drew attention to another interesting topic today Indoor games. One document revealed a few years ago included a table presenting it Estimated revenue from released and upcoming Bethesda titles. The predictions regarding Starfield and recently released games in the series are particularly interesting Sheikh Manuscripts.

Profitable RPG titles

According to the data contained in the confidential document, Expected profits from the Bethesda Space RPG over the four years following its premiere will be less than $1 billion. Of course, a significant portion of the amount ($600 million) falls in the first year after the first offering (described in the table as fiscal year 2021, i.e. the date of the originally planned first offering). Starfield).

Bethesda was counting on making a fortune from Starfield, although that's not much for The Elder Scrolls - Illustration #1

Source: Insider Gaming; Microsoft.

The author of the text also did some loose calculations showing that: above 10 million players Th Starfield It may actually confirm the publisher’s bold predictions As for investment income.

Although nearly $1 billion is impressive, it’s nothing compared to the expectations surrounding The Elder Scrolls VI’s premiere, which many people had anticipated. According to the publisher continuation Appointment It will earn $1 billion alone in its first year on the market. (And of course there is no chance that this game will be released in fiscal year 2024).

Assumptions about brand strength TES This may also be confirmed by projections for the MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, which, despite many years in the making, is still expected to generate revenues of around $200 million per year.

The information provided is, of course, merely corporate estimates, which may not necessarily prove accurate – especially since the document was created several years ago.

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