Starfield is optimized by NVIDIA.  The manufacturer has released an update for its GPUs

Bethesda collaborated with AMD in the development of Starfield, but NVIDIA cannot monitor the situation and run the game passively on its graphics cards. The company has released a new update that should help improve production performance on the latest GPUs.

NVIDIA has published new Game Ready drivers for GeForce graphics cards, which optimize the next two huge games – Mortal Kombat 1 and Lies o P. Both productions support DLSS 2, and in the case of a challenging Pinocchio adventure, players can count on up to twice the performance.

Finish everyone in Mortal Kombat 1 with DLSS

Players are already preparing for a deadly battle in the world of Mortal Kombat 1. This title is the beginning of a completely new era in the popular game series, offering a new combat system, diverse game modes and amazing finishing moves. The game will debut on September 19 and will be powered by NVIDIA DLSS 2 technology.

Lies of P will almost double its performance with DLSS

Lies of P is a spiritual game inspired by the classic fairy tale of Pinocchio. During the game, we will travel through the dark city of Krat, decorated in the spirit of the beautiful era.

NVIDIA confirmed that it is already working on improving more than 1,000 products and that the list, apart from the mentioned titles, also includes Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, Immortals of Aveum and Starfield – In the case of the Bethesda game, the company paid attention to the game performance of two series: GeForce RTX 40 and GeForce RTX 30. The GPU manufacturer mentions a 5% performance increase.

Starfield has not currently received official support for DLSS, but players are preparing their own mods to provide the community with a much better experience. In the case of DLSS 3, we witnessed a surprising situation – the author of the mod added DRM to the files, so players decided to pirate fan works.

However, Bethesda has confirmed that it is working on the first major update for Starfield and in the future the game will receive official DLSS support.

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