PS Plus has been confirmed for December by the German subsidiary of PlayStation.  6 games on display

Today, after 5:00 PM, Sony will officially present its December proposals for PS Plus, but it turns out that the German branch of PlayStation had a wrong start and submitted the production slate a few hours earlier. Players who use the subscription can prepare for 6 titles.

PS Plus – December 2021

  • Godfall: Challenger Edition
  • LEGO DC Super-Villians
  • fatal shell
  • + 3 additional games PS VR games

This afternoon, the latest list of games will be announced, which can be checked in December as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription. However, for several months, Sony was not able to surprise the community, because new reports about the shows are published systematically before the news is shared – also this time the real show was previously published. Let’s remember that we reported last week About three productions targeting PS5 and PS4Meanwhile, the predictions were confirmed by the German PlayStation subsidiary. The team quickly deleted the message, but it did not go unnoticed by many console players.

PS Plus members get Godfall: Challenger Edition, LEGO DC Super-Villians, Mortal Shell, and three additional PS VR titles.

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Interestingly, it has not been revealed what items will go to PlayStation VR users. The Japanese announced a few weeks ago The catalog expands with titles intended for fans of virtual reality, and the first games for PS VR are already on display in November.

What do you think of the above list?


The news was also added prematurely by the Spanish PlayStation team:

PlayStation Spain has just published a post confirming the December PS Plus offer.

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