Starfield – Bethesda focuses on NASA-punk . style
February 19, 2022, 12:09

Starfield, known to some as “Space Skyrim”, grabs players’ attention with a style called “NASA-punk”. The new game from Bethesda Game Studios will focus heavily on realism.

starfield – New work by Bethesda Game Studios – could bring some freshness to the group of producers responsible for the series Sheikh manuscripts if He falls. According to the developers, the key to this is the unique style of the game, which they refer to as “NASA-punk”.

In line with the vision of the creators, starfield The future of space travel will be shown in a relatively realistic way. The assumption of the new style is the creation of the world that we can expect in the future, given the current level of science and technology.

“NASA-punk” and its impact on Starfield

Last year, game director Todd Howard referred to the new studio title as “Cosmic SkyrimWhere real-world technology plays an important role. As evidence of these words, in search of inspiration, he even went to the headquarters SpaceX. So it is not difficult to conclude that the game starfield It will be closer to the movie Martian From star Wars.

In an interview with Xbox Wire Stephen Bailey and Rick Vikens from Bethesda Game Studios they said About the meaning of the term “NASA-punk” for the entire project. Thanks to him, the developers were able to define a path and establish a unified pattern around which the entire production is built.

Stephen Bailey, lead artist

At the beginning of this project, when we tried to establish the aesthetics of the game in general, we coined the term “NASA-punk” to describe a more coherent sci-fi world that could serve as a standard in our own reality. We wanted to be realistic about it. You can draw a line from current space technology and bring it into the future to make it believable […].

Rick Vicens, lead animator

What’s really interesting is how aware we all are of this concept. When you say “NASA-punk,” the technical team can immediately take those two words and get down to business. It was simply the perfect term to describe our artistic direction, allowing everyone to stick together and create their work in a consistent style. It just surprised me. I think that deadline was crucial for us at the start of the project.

The future of Starfield – release date and availability

as announced Toy starfield It should debut November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series S/X consoles, in addition to being included in Game Pass..

For Bethesda, it will certainly be a unique offering, because – as the developers often emphasize – for the first time in 25 years, it creates a completely new title, unrelated to its previous sites. In addition, it does so under the wings of Xbox Game Studios headed by Phil Spencer, who Believes to wow starfield.

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