March 28, 2023


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It all started with this Apple prototype. Now it has been auctioned

The Apple-1 prototype by Steve Jobs is currently up for auction at RR Auctions. They were hand-welded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976. These models can cost a fortune.

The historic Apple computer that started it all has been put up for auction. This is Apple-1 prototype, listed as number 2 in the registry and Until recently considered “missing”Tested and validated by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen in 2022. A thirteen-page documented report is attached.

The Apple-1 prototype board has been matched to Polaroid photos taken by Paul Terrell in 1976. It shows the computer in use and was first published by Time magazine in 2012 and was also discussed by Achim Paquet in Apple-1 . record.

bid auction now Approximately 280 thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money considering the auction started on Wednesday, July 20th. The Apple-1 prototype is an extremely rare product and the final price – based on previous auctions – could be up to Almost 500 thousand dollars. Especially since there is still time for the auction to end – hers The final is scheduled to take place on August 18.

Last year, a rare Apple-1 computer that was made in the home of Jobs sold for 400 thousand dollars. dollar. It was one of only 200 models designed by Wozniak. Another Apple-1 was sold for 470 thousand. dollars in London in 2020.

Image source: © RR Auction
[1/4]Prototype of Steve Jobs Apple-1

It all started with him

Apple-1 remained a subsidiary of Steve Jobs Hand-welded by Steve Wozniak On a unique printed circuit board “Apple Computer A” in 1976. Jobs used this prototype for Apple-1 demo by Paul Terrellowner of the Byte Shop in Mountain View, California, one of the first personal computer stores in the world.

The demonstration paid off Apple’s first major order And changed the direction of development of the company. What Jobs and Wozniak described as part of a $40 hobby kit that was completely assembled at the request of Terrell The PC sold for $666.66. Wozniak later summed up the order for fifty Apple-1s by saying, “It was the largest single episode in the entire history of the company. Nothing in the following years was so remarkable or so unexpected.”

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