The International Space Station crew lost a tomato.  He was found a few months later

Astronauts on the International Space Station have many tasks. Some of them require more time to solve. This was one of those situations Missing tomatoes problem. The main suspect in this case was the aeronautical engineer Francisco “Frank” Rubio.

Astronaut Francisco “Frank” Rubio was a member of the 68th expedition to the International Space Station. Among the many tasks he undertook during the mission was planting tomatoes. One of the fruits disappeared and doubts began about its fate.

Rubio’s colleagues doubted that Tomatoes grown on the International Space Station were not lost at all, but rather eaten By astronaut. Of course, this was never proven to him, but there were suspicions. However, it turns out they were wrong. The loss is found.

tomatoes He was found eight months after his disappearance. This happened when Rubio returned to Earth from the International Space Station. The circumstances of the fruit’s discovery were not revealed. The announcement was made during a live broadcast to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the International Space Station.

Earlier this month, the International Space Station celebrated its 25th anniversary. On December 6, 1998, the first two modules of the International Space Station docked, which was a breakthrough moment. The facility played a huge role in science. Much of the experiments on board were conducted in microgravity conditions. The effect of cosmic radiation on humans was also studied, which is very important for longer missions, including a manned mission to Mars.

Unfortunately, the International Space Station generates huge expenses. The United States spends billions of dollars from American taxpayers to maintain the facility. NASA plans to withdraw from this project by the end of the decade. After that, the International Space Station will be deorbited, which will also be a very expensive mission.

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