June 3, 2023


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A wave of comments after the Legia match.  "Sense, Termalica lost points with it."  top league

A wave of comments after the Legia match. “Sense, Termalica lost points with it.” top league

The match with Termalika was very important for Legia. After last week’s defeat to Warta Pozna (0:1), she fell to the penultimate position in the Ekstraklasa table. Fighting for the championship or playing in the European Cups has become beyond the reach of Aleksandar Vukovic’s managers, and the threat of relegation to the Fortuna I League is becoming more and more real. And in such a “six-point” match, the Legion could not even score a goal, and they eventually drew 0-0.

Not only the result, but also the game of players from the capital, leaves much to be desired. It did not go unnoticed by fans and the media. They “appreciate” the historical point of the visitors – in the previous three meetings in Nieciecza, not one of the most distinguished Polish clubs won a single place.

“The historic success of Legia Warsaw, it was the first time they did not lose to Bruk-Bet in Nieciecza. The best teams did not succeed, and the current team did” – wrote Maciej Kaliszuk of “Przegląd Sportowy”.

“If people like Legia fought to survive for their livelihood, life expectancy would be four years,” said Krzysztof Stanowski, one of the owners of Kanał Sportowy.

“A sensation in Niecieczy. Termalica lost 2 points with Legia Warszawa” – we read in Michał Sagrol’s tweet.

“The eyes hurt, a lot of mediocrity, but on the whole the historical point of Nieciecza (laughs in parentheses), which basically gives nothing. That’s it. On the positive side of Czarek Miszta, who managed and defended what was needed” – noted Adam Dawidziuk, Editor-in-chief of legia.net.

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Łukasz Grabowski of Przegląd Sportowy commented: “The match between BBT and Legia looks just like a match between the two worst teams in the league. Sometimes something will work, but it’s generally just a sneeze.”

On February 25, he will face Legia Wisła Kraków in the successful match. For the hosts, defeat means staying in the drop zone, and for visitors – they will likely end up in it.