"Star Academy": Dangers amid controversy

Laura Fabian announced the names of three academics at risk this week in the daily newspaper “Star Academy”. Camellia, Sarah-Mouth and Marley have to put all the opportunities on their side to retain their place in the academy.

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The only guy in the rating, Edward Lace, with his guitar, received only good comments following the emotional description of “Love is in your eyes tonight”. This consensus seems to have upset him a little. Despite the relatively positive feedback, the three girls, on the other hand, took a risk.

Points to work on

Marilyn Dorian chose to sing Patrick Watson’s song “Lighthouse” in front of the teachers, but she did not fully trust Kylie Tremblay. “I like your voice very much,” said the editor. But once, I saw you looking for your place.

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Gregory Charles told her her challenge now was to load people with the same comfort she had when she was in the bubble.

Forgetting the words of the song “A beautiful story” written by Michel Fugain in the review put Sarah-Mouth Descagne in danger.

“These are the things that happen, Laura Fabian promised. Mistakes are a part of our humanity. But I also want to point out the incredible accuracy of what you sang.

Gregory also noted that the educator is more and more excited to explore different recordings of his voice, which marks a major improvement since he came to the academy.

Finally, Camille Jackie set her sights on The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young”, but her understanding of the song’s lyrics was not exactly what the director said it was.

Joel Lemme / QMI Agency

“I’m glad you put your finger on everything we need to fix during the week,” cried Gregory Charles, noting the many points he made working with him.

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While academics appear to be even more shocked at the departure of Audrey-Louis last Sunday, public outrage continues to be heard on social media. Many of them saw the singer win the final, and her talent is undeniable. Gregory Charles returned to the event daily. “You all leave here one by one, and there are only two, and they leave when the show is over,” he explained to the academics. The fact that Audrey-Louise is gone does not deny what she can do. Everyone knows what her talent is. We are here to move forward.

Public irritation actually started last week from danger. The continuing question of why teachers at this time of the season chose to put these three artists (Eloy, Audrey-Louise and Crystal) at risk is that other less-educated academics are aware that they are being protected.

At the end of Variety, many prefer more transparency in choosing the risk of the past week, rather than the competition to choose teachers between two women.

The petition, which expresses public dissatisfaction and demand that Audrey-Louis return to the show, reached nearly 10,000 signatories Tuesday night. Compared to the average estimate of over 1.4 million viewers, the total number is very low.

The “Star Academy” product did not want to talk about this.

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