Groceries Series Release |  Julie Snyder invites herself to the table

Host Julie Snyder, who has been on the small screen for many years, now wants to invite herself to the Quebecers table. Together with two of his associates, he will launch 100% vegetarian groceries this week.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

Nathaelle Morissette

Nathaelle Morissette

After Ricardo, Marilo (three times a day), Stefano and many more, the man we now nickname the ghost is added to the list of public figures we see through their products in supermarket aisles.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Products by Julie Snyder

From Thursday, her tofu spreads, pasta sauces, almond and peanut butter, oils and dressings – under the name “Julie Snyder” – will make their exclusive debut on the metro.

To introduce this range created by 14 products, Julie Snyder joins two colleagues and friends: Amelie Leger, daughter of Jean-Pierre Leger, former owner and chairman of the Saint-Hubert Rotisserie, and Mary-Pierre Gottlord, co-founder of Productions J. Chairman. To do this, the trio founded the company Cousin for Lacius in 2021, a name inspired by web capsules made by the host during infections. People.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, The Press

Mary-Pierre Cottrell, Julie Snyder and Amelie Leger

Although she is not the first person to want to sneak into the fridge and cubes pantry, she will say she wants to cook, but for someone who always “roughly” executes her cooking tips, she has no intention of being a grocery store star. The market is closed. “I’m only one of the vegetarians since 1991,” he says, sitting at his condo’s kitchen table, where he is greeted. Press For the interview. I was a vegetarian before I became fashionable. At the time, there was no tofu in supermarkets. I come up with products that represent me in real life. I did not start a whip line, ”he says of the chocolate marshmallow cookie.

I love Marilo, I love Ricardo, I love Stefano. To me they are not competitors. These are products that represent Quebec for me. We are the companion.

Julie Snyder

Amelie Leger, who was sitting next to him, says they were not trying to copy anyone.

“It’s like my TV shows, Julie Snyder continues. I’m not trying to copy anyone. I’m trying to make my map as beautiful as possible.”

The idea of ​​islands

In the Magdalen Islands, where Julie Snyder takes her vacation, in a way, the plan to launch a range of products was born. These are the moments when she takes the time to cook. Amelie met Lager there a few years ago through her father Jean-Pierre. During the discussions, Mr.Me Leger, who runs the Aliments Siphon Foods (Pleasure of the Past) company, proposed to start a range similar to Julie Snyder.

With Amelie, it’s real discussions: ” What do you eat in the morning? Noon? ”

Julie Snyder has long had the idea of ​​introducing a wide variety of products in her head. “Le Commensal approached me in 1997. For all intents and purposes, it did not work. I always dreamed. [de commercialiser une gamme d’aliments]. Ever since I became a vegetarian, I have always been asked, “How are you? How do you eat? “”.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Julie Snyder’s costume

The main interested party wants to cook? “The answer is yes, no. I like it, but I do not always have time. In the life I lead as a mother of two teenagers it is not true that I have time to cook every day. Be efficient in the kitchen and I devised tricks to make it more refined. ⁇

Her career inspired her in choosing her products respectively. These have been repeatedly tested and tasted by two children and the hostess’s friends over the past few months.

This is not for vegetarians, but for vegetarians. Affordable, the products are accessible and made in Quebec is very important to us.

Julie Snyder

These are made by different manufacturers. For example, tofu comes from Unisoya in Saint-Isidore-de-Laprire, Ferms in Kettino spreads from Marcello and butter comes from Nature Nax in Terrepon.

If products are not sold to customers before Thursday, Metro’s demand is already high, Amelie Leger, who has extensive experience in the food industry, promises. “We never saw it,” she said. Pre-orders are crazy. The amounts we had planned for a year for vinegar and olive oil have already been sold. It is already in pre-order. ⁇

In the coming year, new products may be added to the range. Negotiations with suppliers have already begun.

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