Seduce Americans by singing in French

When Québécoise Josie Boivin began his music project in 2018 under the name Munia, his last expectation was that his dream pop songs in French would attract the attention of major American specialty media.

Still, to his surprise, the influential Pitchfork praised his song Kisses everywhere. He was then invited to South Pi Southwest, where Spotify offered his support New York Times, advertisement board And many posts had good words for her.

Even valuable ones Rolling Stone Joined the march.

A little girl named Josie Poyvin from Arvita, who trained in classical piano and jazz, who grew up listening to Francois Hardy and watching Music Plus, still couldn’t believe it.

“I’m not Charlotte Gardiner, but I have established my name in the American scene,” laughs the young woman, who is grateful for everything that happens to her and thanks the author of these lines.

“On the map”

In any case, this unexpected reception proved to him that he did not have to sing only in English to enter the United States.

In his first album Travel to Mars, To be released tomorrow on the American label Luminelle Records, half of the 12 tracks are in French in whole or in part.

“Before leaving the Munia project, I did not know in which language I would like to write. I wrote one in French, which seemed natural to me. I started the EP North Hadley Without any expectation. I never thought I would go to America first. It’s really amazing that my songs in French put me on the “map”. I think Americans like exotic things, ”says the immigrant who left Quebec a year ago and settled in New York.

Dominated by bass and vapor synthesizers, Munia’s music inspires the music of his comrades Men Eye Trust and Milk & Phone, as well as artists such as Beach House or Stereolab.

Fiction of science fiction

The title of his album is an acknowledgment of his love for science fiction, which he was born with when he saw the famous George Mellis movie. Journey to the Moon, Since 1902. He took charge Tonight is tonight, Smashing Pumpkins, and its music video inspired by Melissa and marked her childhood.

Traveling in space will come back again and again in the songs Travel to Mars.

“During the epidemic, I wanted to get rid of it all. I escaped this desire to go to the stars,” says the composer of all his songs himself.

To see her at home, on stage, will have to wait until 2022. She can’t wait. “I miss Quebec so much.”

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