Stali's new broom effect only lasted for a moment.  Warsaw project with problems in Nysa

The Nyssa iron lasts without breaking. In the promotion match of Round 13 of PlusLiga, coach Daniel Belinsky’s volleyball players lost to Projekt Warszawa 1:3 at home.

Krzysztof Sędzicki

Andre and Rona attacks

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Kudala / Pictured: Andrzej Wrona attacks

A small earthquake recently occurred in Nysa. After a very poor match and a defeat at home to lepsk, Malo Suwałki 1:3, Krzysztof Stilmach bid farewell to the position of head coach. He was replaced by Daniel Belinsky. But it was not only about a change on the bench, but also a change on the field, because the team looked good “on paper” and could not translate it into a match.

The head and the position are important and we have to break free of ourselves and believe in ourselves. I think one of the important factors for us is that there is no downtime because every game we play is going well and all of a sudden at some point we stop. When there’s a four-point advantage to an opponent, we think we’re not going to make it up anymore. And you have to believe in every ball to the end – announced Patrik Schorek, who played for the Nyssa teams.

The hosts started the match brilliantly, especially in terms of service. Already at the beginning, after the victory of Mitch Stahl, they were leading 4-0 and this advantage turned out to be decisive for the course of the competition in the first edition. The leader of the attack of Stahl was Wasim Ben-Tara, who was very difficult for his rivals to stop. Igor Gropilny and Bartosh Kolyk were significantly overburdened with the service, but they could not break through the attack. In this way they lost to 23.

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The second part of the game also took a long time to be dictated by Team Nysa. Stahl and Mustafa Mbaye did a pretty big job in the middle and there were many indications (especially the result when the locals were leading 18:14) that he and the team would indeed go 2-0 up, but Andrea Anastasi’s side came back into the game and it led to a nervous tip. Won the psychological war volleyball players from the capital after the entire block Kwasowski.

At the start of the third set it got hot under the net when they saw Kwolek and M’Baye after the red card. The point was that the center of Stal requested a whistle to touch the net when jumping into the receiving block of the project. However, the referees were adamant and let the match go. And this was led by the people of Warsaw, especially thanks to Dusan Petkovic, who was very effective in the attack. Nysans tried to keep up, but lost again to 23.

As a result, something happened in the team from Nysa. Coach Belinsky replaced Bartosz Bućko with Kwasowski, but this also did not lead to a breakthrough in the match. The fourth set was by far the most one-sided in the game. Over time, Piotr Nowakowski and Andrzej Wrona began to gain an advantage under the net. It was a nail in a coffin in Nysa. The visitors won in 25:19 and collected three points.

And so the team’s fifth victory from Warsaw became a reality. Steele, in turn, remained at the bottom of PlusLiga with just one point in his account.

Stal Nysa – Projekt Warszawa 1:3 (25:23, 23:25, 23:25, 19:25)

stood up: Komenda, Penczew, Stahl, Ben Tara, Kwasowski, M’Baye, Ruciak (Libero), Dębski, Szczurek, Bućko, Zajder, Szwaradzki, Dembiec (Libero).

Project: Trinidad, Groblini, Novakovsky, Petkovic, Koolek, Rona, Wojciech (Libero), Blankenau, Superlack, Janikovsky.

best player: Andrzej Wrona (Project).


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