A strange object orbiting the latest Chinese satellite

vehicle Shijian 21 It was in geostationary orbit on October 23 this year, thanks to the rocket The Long March -3B. And there would be nothing unusual in it, because China and other countries are increasingly sending their facilities into space, if not for the fact that the car does not look and act as if it was used for Space debris neutralization.

Experts indicate the orbit in which it is located. We are talking about geostationary orbit here. Mainly located there Telecommunication satellites or meteorology. This is due to the fact that the structures located there follow the rotation of the Earth, that is, they constantly fly over a certain part of the globe.

What was the purpose of the Chinese car, then space debris They mainly occur in much lower orbits? Experts believe the Chinese government is lying. The car can already be used Destroy the satellites of hostile countries. China has always promised that it has such technology and will use it when it feels threatened. space race He pushed the government to set up a near space monitoring program and even repelled the attack.

Interestingly, Shijian-21 is accompanied by a second foreign body. Got a business name 2021-094 c. As the information on the web indicates, the object has an elongated shape. It looks like a satellite’s tail. This may indicate AKM . systemIt is a rocket engine used in the case of satellites. It provides them with motivation to change their course from the transfer orbit.

However, it is likely not the AKM, since, as experts note, the object should move away from the Shijian-21 over time, while maintaining a constant distance of about 60 kilometers. Everything indicates that both cars have one to do mysterious mission. Unfortunately, no one has a clue what their actual purpose is. However, if it is a vehicle designed to destroy enemy facilities, we are already one step closer to achieving the vision space wars.

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