Anuel does not stop.  Sanders show in Włocławek

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Anuel Włoclawek doesn’t intend to stop. He won the seventh consecutive game in the Energa Basketball League, and Victor Sanders captivated the audience in the Hall of Champions. “Rottweiler” defeated Suzuki Arca-Gdynia 110: 86.

Anuel basketball players, who on Sunday won their 17th game this season, are finishing great and before the final round of the main round of the Energa Basketball League, they jumped to sixth place in the league table.

Not so long ago, they were unsure of their place in the eight, and now they are a team feared by teams from the top four who could face them in the quarter-finals.

Włocławek’s coffin was broken, and Victor Sanders was unstoppable. Dragon Log In – In the first quarter in five minutes scored 20 points.

He had 30 of them the entire game, and also grabbed four rebounds and three steals. He shot 9 of 12 shots from the field and hit 6 of 8 from long range. All this in 14 minutes spent on the dance floor.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsportie: The Polish basketball player was shocked. “Real or fake?”

Equally effective was Luke Petrasek. The American missed only one of the eight attempts of the game. Completed 19 points and five rebounds.

Anuel attacked offensively like a hurricane. General Kamil Oginski had 11 assists, the players of Włocławek made 16 very good shots from behind the 6.75 line and for the first time in the season they passed the 100-point mark and scored.

Bartomiej Voszyn’s “feat” deserves attention on the side of the ship. He spent only 45 seconds on the field in this match. He received an unsportsmanlike and then a technical offense. This means that he had to go to the locker room. It all happened in the middle of the first quarter.

At the end of the main round, Anuel will face BM Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski with a big bang. That would be a great introduction to what’s to come in the playoffs.

Anuel Wolklawick – Suzuki Arca Gdynia 110:86 (33:30, 23:11, 32:23, 22:22)

Anuel: Victor Sanders 30, Luke Petrasek 19, Malik Williams 13, Mikay Nowakowski 12, Phil Green 9, Lee Moore 9, Maciej Boyanowski 5, Kamil Czyński 3 (11 ace), Marcin Wronecki 3, Daniel Daoudou 3, Josip Sobin 2, Dawid Sobinski 2.

Astronomy: DJ Fenner 23, James Florence 19, Novak Musić 19, Adam Hrykaniuk 7, Michał Les 7, Tre Wade 6, Aleksey Janik 3, Victor Siewicz 2, Bartomij Wozzyn 0, Adrian Bogoki 0, Adrian Bagkert 0.

Energa Basket La Liga 2022/2023

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