Speedway Thursday.  They will go to the final of the Polish Championship.  hit at Leicester

WP SportoweFakty / Anna Kłopocka / Pictured: Jakub Krawczyk

Konrad Sinkowski

On Thursday afternoon, the qualifying rounds for the Polish Youth Club Pairs Championship will take place at the Pila, Ostro and Tarnow rinks. It will be a fun game in the UK.

The judiciary in Bayaa, on the 17th

The favorites to compete in Grod Staszica are young Fogo Unia Leszno players, who will probably base their roster on the trio of Ratajczak – Jabłoński – Mencel. The Bulls’ most dangerous opponent appears to be Maszewski GKM Grudziądz with Kacper Pludra having a very good season.

Other teams can intimidate you. The dark horse might turn out to be Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz with the exciting Wiktor Przyjemski and the unpredictable Buszkiewicz and Nowak.

The top two teams will advance to the finals (September 20, Czestochowa).

Watch the video: Oscar Favre talks about the scandal in Krosno. Wolves did not keep their word?!

Judiciary in Tarnów, on the 17th

On paper, the two favorites appear to be WTS teams Sparta Wrocław and Motor Lublin, which base their youth squads on the world’s leading players. The problem is that Bartomeg Kowalski is unlikely to be the first to be appointed. The speedway racer himself presented the starting schedule for the week on social media and Tarnów’s championship was not there. This meant that the people of Wroclaw would not fight for promotion, which the people of Krosno could use.

The top two teams will advance to the finals (September 20, Czestochowa).

Elimination in Ostrów Wielkopolski, on the 17th

Certainly, any outcome other than an Austroyan win would be a huge upset. The Krawczyk – Szostak duo with reserve Poczta should use their lane advantage. The most dangerous opponent seems to be Stal Gorzów, but Falubaz Zielona Góra can spoil a lot as well.

The top two teams will advance to the finals (September 20, Czestochowa).

SGB ​​Premiership

Leicester Lions – Wolverhampton Wolves, Goods. 20:30

Such would be the success of Thursday’s races in Great Britain. Two teams from the top of the table will meet in Leicester, i.e. the third Leicester Lions with the runners-up Wolverhampton Wolves. The two teams’ league accomplishments are split by only small points, because the Big Ones have 29 each, giving them nine losses to the Belle Vue Aces.

Sheffield Tigers – Peterborough Panthers, Goods. 20:30

Two teams clash from the bottom of the table, because the fifth Tigers from Sheffield and the seventh Leopards from Peterborough. And although the teams are divided into only one team, the difference in points in the table is colossal and amounts to 19 points! The favorites for the match will naturally be the hosts, who can still count on the support of Tai and Finden.

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