Ibrahim Chugjiaev (16-5, 8 KO, 2 Sub) is KSW’s new Light Heavyweight Champion! The Russian unexpectedly defeated Thomas Narcon (18-5, 3 ko, 14 sop) at KSW 66.

From the start of the fight, the challenger was more active in the situation. He aimed more accurately and constantly crushed the hero with punches and kicks. The Russian even sent Narcon to the councils after suffering a powerful backhand. In the second round, Chuzhigaev also dominated the standings and won another match.

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In the third round, Narkun was more active, but he did not manage to upset his opponent in any way. In the middle of the fourth match, the champion finally knocked out the opponent, trying to strangle him from behind, but to no avail.

In the last round, the Russian scored more accurately when standing, confirming his superiority throughout the match. The judges noted the challenger’s unanimous victory, who thus became the new KSW champion in the light heavyweight category.

Narkun was the KSW champion from the #32 ceremony when he defeated Goran Reljic early on.

Ibrahim Chujigayev (16-5, 8 KO, 2 sup) defeated Thomas Narcon (18-5, 3 KO, 14 sep) by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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