June 1, 2023


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"What a row it was!"  And how it ended!  Brutal Knockout [WIDEO]

“What a row it was!” And how it ended! Brutal Knockout [WIDEO]

On Friday, the sixth edition of the grumda ceremony was held, that is, a union in which players fight barefoot. During the ceremony, not only the tournament was held, but also Fight proof. The competitors fought without gloves, in a small 4×4m ring, and the clashes lasted a maximum of four rounds of two minutes each.

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Re-watching Szpilka vs. Adamek in MMA? “I’d rather see them fight barefoot already.”

Friday night’s match was the final between Vasyl Halic and Tomasz “Zadima” Gromadzky. We also saw two show fights at the party: Łukasz “Goat” Parobiec vs Bartłomiej “Kruszyna” Bielas and Kamil “Kosa” Al Temimi vs Karol “King Kong” Grzesiuk.

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There were also tournament fights in Gromdzie 6:

  • Marcin “Wąski” Kunikowski vs. Arkadiusz “Karabin” Sauter
  • Przemysław “Reksio” Rekowski vs Tomasz “Kaliniak” Kalinowski
  • Dawid “Maximus” Żółtaszek vs. Daniel “Japa” Utkowski
  • Patryk “Chacia” Chacia vs Mateusz “Świr” Wijas

Effective Knockout in Gromdzie 6

In the last mentioned duels there was a very effective knockdown. Matthews “Schuer” Wijas sent Patrick Chacia to the boards in impressive fashion, ensuring himself a fight win.

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Freak decides to attack and misses his first hit. Although “Freak” hit his opponent, he did not fall and gave Chaci a great shot, knocking him out with a powerful blow from his right hand.

“What a row it was!” – Gromda’s official Twitter account summed up the fight.