Speech to Gemini: Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge "had a turmoil in his heart"

The comedian and host of “Masked Singers” intercepted 37 peoplee Gemini Awards, because in the past year she felt hurt, masked, and excluded by her peers.

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He came under heavy criticism after a video in which he explained that Quebec was waiting for a vaccine from Medicaco before getting the Covid vaccine – including his partnership with carmaker Hyundai. Stephen Bureau on Friday evening It’s been a rough year for him.

He explained to the program “Le monde à l’envers” that he went on stage during Gemini on Sunday evening with “a stench in his heart” and a bitter taste from Louis’ comments about him. Morissette and Guy A. LePage was at the center of the health crisis last year, in a package called “Everybody’s Talking About It.”

Admitting to fearing vaccines, the actor felt isolated “like I’d done something really bad,” he passionately underscored, later joining Louis Morissette and Guy A. He apologized to Lepage’s children.

“[L’an passé], I was attacked for thinking differently. Damn it hurt me,” he continued.

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge assured that his primary motivation for interrupting Gemini was politics. He wanted to remind people of the importance of going to the polls, but “while there” he used the opportunity to give back to the people he had hurt.

“They didn’t want me to explain my choices. What happened this week was that it was decided that I did something that, although it didn’t make sense, was wrong from the beginning,” the comedian said.

Host Emily Begin, who is set to tie the knot next week with her “If We Loved One Another” co-host, assured Stephen Biro that she’s fine. “I have to take care of myself, I have to take care of myself. I need to take a “break”.

Elsewhere, this week’s special guest on ‘The Upside Down’, Normand Brathwaite, hosts an informative discussion on the ‘n-word’. Yasmin Abdelfatel, Sophie Durocher, Biss and Gregory Charles discuss the personal lives of prime ministers outside of office, and a video of Justin Trudeau singing in the lobby of a London hotel while attending a funeral has gone viral. of Queen Elizabeth II.

Committee members also addressed the repeated return of children to elementary school, when a survey of the week revealed that only 29% of people would be brave enough to visit schools in Quebec to teach.

“Le monde à l’envers” airs live every Friday on TVA.

Watch the video above to watch the interview.

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