​Mychajło Dianow jest jednym z 215 ukraińskich obrońców, którzy w środę zostali zwolnieni z rosyjskiej niewoli. Porównanie zdjęć udostępnione przez ukraińskie Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej pokazuje jednak, jak koszmarnie przez Rosjan byli traktowali jeńcy wojenni.

Mikhailo Dyanov is one of 215 Ukrainian defenders released from Russian captivity on Wednesday. However, a comparison of photos provided by the Ministry of National Defense of Ukraine shows how terrible the treatment of prisoners of war by the Russians was.

Mikhailo Dyanov, a Ukrainian musician and soldier who defended the besieged Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol. After the surrender, he was captured by Russia, where he spent four months.

As Belsat reported, quoting Ukrainian journalist Violetta Kertoka: In captivity, Dyanov did not receive the necessary medical care. 4 centimeters of bone is missing from the soldier’s fused hand. Dyanov is currently being treated in a Kyiv hospital.

“Ukrainian soldier Mikhailo Dyanov is one of the lucky ones: unlike other prisoners of war, he escaped Russian captivity. In this way, Russia retains the provisions of the Geneva Conventions. In this way, Russia continues the shameful legacy of Nazism ”- wrote in the social media of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense , including a comparison of photos of Dyanov before his capture by the Russians and after the prisoner exchange.

Belsat cites the head of Ukrainian intelligence, according to who Many of the released Ukrainian soldiers were tortured. Each of them needs psychological rehabilitation.

20,000 Russians may die near Kherson. What will the leaders do?

The Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers of the President of Ukraine, Andrei Yermak, reported Wednesday evening that as a result of the prisoner-of-war exchange agreed upon by the Turkish President, 215 Ukrainian defenders, including 10 foreigners, were released from Russian captivity. .

Among the released were defenders of Azovstal. In return, Ukraine extradited Viktor Medvedchuk, a pro-Kremlin oligarch who was arrested in April.

The release of the defenders of Azovstal. Russia replaced them with Medvedchuk

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