The random visit of Prince Charles is expected

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are planning a three-day trip to the country in May for the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, all at the expense of taxpayers.

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Since 2010, the “royal family” has honored us with their presence on 35 occasions. Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children alone spent $ 3.9 million on a single visit in 2016.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall had less expenses next year. The final cost of their trip to mark the 150th anniversary of Canada was $ 487,660.

However, this time their journey will be broader. The royal couple are planning three stops from beach to beach: they will start in Newfoundland and Labrador, pass through Ottawa and end in the Northwest Territories.

“It was to be expected, it was in line with this year’s Platinum Jubilee,” explained Estelle Bautilier, an analyst at the British monarchy.

Members of the royal family “always try to diversify their visits because there are those who want to see them everywhere and rarely get this opportunity”, Ms.Me புதில்லியர்.

The Governor-General’s Office did not answer our questions regarding the estimated cost of this visit, but by 2021 the Bureau of Investigation’s full estimate established that Canadians would cost about $ 67 million a year.

No strong news

It will be 19And The Prince’s visit to Canada, in the middle of the Cold War, in the 1970s, when the Queen visited the Arctic in the Northwest Territories, re – established Canada’s sovereignty over the region.

Although the environment is once again at war and the government wants to strengthen its defenses in the far north, Ms.Me Bouthilier did not anticipate any major position taken by Prince Charles on the issue of security in Canada, and his activity was not political as a symbol.

“This is not something we are going to spread in the public square,” Ms believesMe புதில்லியர்.

There is no rush to the throne

Charles of Wales, who is still the crown prince at the age of 73, seems to have accepted that he has a short-lived rule compared to his mother.

“During his isolation, we felt his impatience. But, slowly, as he neared his fifties, he seemed happier to be heir because he had more freedom, ”especially with regard to his agenda and his duties.

Prince Charles has been a defender for a long time. For example, in the 1970s, he already denounced the catastrophic effects of pollution in nature.

If interest in the environment has increased since then, the opposite has happened to the British monarchy: a Leger poll conducted following the forced resignation of former Governor General Julie Beit found that 39% of Canadians and 74% of Cubans wanted it. Abolition of monarchy in the country.

The four major visits of Prince Charles

  • 1970: He travels with his parents and his sister Anne to the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, where the royal family visits Inuit communities in the Arctic Circle. They were welcomed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
  • 1975: Diving under Arctic ice at Nunavut Resolution Bay.
  • 1983: Lady Diana Spencer goes to Canada with her for the first time. She is 22 years oldAnd Birthday in Edmonton, Canada Day, 1Er July.
  • 1998: He took his sons William and Harry on a ski trip to Whistler the year after their mother Diana died.

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