Spec Ops: The Line has disappeared from Steam.  Fortunately, you can buy the shooter game on sale on GOG
January 30, 2024, at 22:53

Shooter Spec Ops: The Line is no longer available on Steam, but can still be purchased on GOG.com. It is offered at an 80% discount on the CD Projekt website.

Update (22:53)

Citing information obtained from one of 2K Games' employees, renowned industry journalist, Steven Totilo, had broughtwhich Gra Special Ops: Line It will be removed from all digital distribution platforms (not just Steam). The reason for this decision is said to be the expiration of licensing agreements. Players who previously purchased this title will still be able to play it.

Spec Ops: The Line is a spec game. Yager's studio work premiered in 2012 and didn't stand up to the competition Battlefield A I Call of dutyResulting in moderate commercial success. However, over time, the production gained popularity among players, and today it enjoys cult status.

Unfortunately, new players who were intending to purchase the game via Steam will have to reconsider their plans because of this Special Ops: Line It is no longer available on Valve's platform. Of course, users who added the shooter to their library earlier can still play it.

For other people, an alternative might be GOG.com, where… Special Ops: Line Currently available at a promotional price. A continuation of the series started by Zombie Studios in 1998 You can buy there for PLN 17.19. The special will run until February 6 at 9:59 AM. After this time, the game will return to its standard price of PLN 85.90.

Spec Ops: The Line on GOG.com

Spec Ops: The Line – some information

W Special Ops: Line We play as Martin Walker, commander of a Delta Force unit, who goes to a destroyed Dubai on a rescue mission. Walker and his companions' goal is to rescue Colonel John Conrad and his loyal soldiers who remained in the city to help the residents evacuate. However, this seemingly simple mission quickly turns into a bloody battle for survival.

Despite the moderate commercial success initially mentioned Special Ops: Line It was warmly received by industry reviewers. Average rating of the game's PC version (the title was released on PS3 (only available in a used box) and Xbox 360 – you can still buy this version from the Xbox Store for PLN 99) on the website Metacritic It is 76/100 (based on 16 reviews). The shooter has better reviews among players. on steam The production managed to receive more than 52,000 reviews, of which up to 93% were positive comments.

The downside for some may be that Special Ops: Line Does not support Polish language.

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