The Crew Motorfest is free to register at launch.  Ubisoft seems confident of success

Ubisoft’s latest race has been offered to players as part of early access, but soon those interested will be able to try the game for free. The free trial will start at The Crew Motorfest later this week.

The first players arrived on The Crew Motorfest servers, but Ubisoft decided to encourage a wide audience to play the game and confirmed that the game is available for free – those interested will be able to check out the launch this week.

From September 14th to September 17th, players will play the full version of The Crew Motorfest before enjoying five hours of racing. This is a really interesting proposition and it shows one thing – Ubisoft has to be really confident.

If you don’t know what to do between September 14th and 17th, we’re offering you a free trial of #TheCrewMotorfest

5 hours is a good time to get to the full version of the game or completely abandon plans to purchase the game. However, Ubisoft is confident that it will encourage players to join The Crew Motorfest. Given the circumstances, players will likely be able to carry over their progress to the full release.

However, it’s worth noting that free-to-play The Crew Motorfest will be available starting at the premiere – and the company isn’t waiting until next month to offer players such an extensive demo.

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