PlayStation 5 still missing in stores - is a console doomed?

I know how much you like the columns I encourage you to discuss. Recently, I wrote a script that Insomniac Games may now be The best development studio in the world. Despite criticism of the vast majority of the article in my opinion, many of your arguments were interesting and objective. As expected, Rockstar Games, Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica dominated the comments, often mentioning several Japanese producers, for example From Software. There is nothing strange about it, these are teams that, after releasing a game, count hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and know their profession very well.

I hope there will also be many different comments under today’s text. This time I will give five reasons why PlayStation 5 is not available for purchase in stores. Of course, I also take into account the problems of the epidemic, limited availability of semiconductors or global difficulties in electronics production, but these are not the only obstacles that make the PS5 disappear at such a rapid pace even from auction or advertising portals. I bought my copy myself this way, and my order has been fulfilled in a store since September 2020. Until today I’m waiting and don’t know if I’ll live to see it. In January, my friend placed an order for the PS5 at Poland’s largest electronics retail chain. The console didn’t hold until July 28.

5. After great games on PS4, people expect exactly the same on PS5

Well, probably not everyone who has bought a PS4 and has been in contact with this device can complain about the excellent quality of exclusive games. The whole series started with Bloodborne in 2015 and then the amazing looking Uncharted 4 then opened up the perfect exes bag. For some, God of War is a flaw in the spirit of the entire series, and for me it was a great example of a properly executed refreshment for a popular brand. Although The Last of Us II is controversial, it has no competition in terms of technology or the way the story is run. Even Days Gone or Ghost of Tsushima found a lot of fans because they are great productions. When Sony announced that a sequel to the first would not be created, a petition was created, signed by nearly 130,000 people.

No wonder critic Jim Ryan shouldn’t be afraid of falling revenue and even his poorly thought-out decisions couldn’t dissuade people from using this equipment. Each console’s greatest value is its games, which Microsoft brutally discovered when it practically switched completely to the Kinect in 2010. The Crazy Don “TV” Matric is still considered a symbol of the Xbox Division’s defeat and probably won’t be able to get rid of this dirty gray patch.

4. Today’s PlayStation has more positive associations than Xbox

This is why PlayStation is your first choice. For many Poles, it remains synonymous with the console. We go to play “Blejac,” hear about it in the songs or personal songs of rappers, and people interested in sports can often see how soccer players throw pictures of PS5 parlors under their TVs. Xbox sees a lot less in these circumstances. However, this does not mean that it does not exist. Thanks to Phil Spencer’s successful decisions, the brand is slowly regaining its former glory, and the last E3 showed that it had no intention of laying down its arms at all. Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 5 or Halo: Infinite this year will have a chance to attract millions of new players to the green camp.

I hope so because only with clear competition can we count on a breath of fresh air. The announced Contraband or Redfall cars are very interesting, and STALKER 2 looks amazing. A major investment in ZeniMax is also important. Games from Bethesda, led by Starfield, will sell millions of Xbox Series X consoles, and we must not forget that the Xbox Series S is a masterpiece and an excellent console for Full HD TV owners. Either for kids or as a Game Pass player. I have a mixed opinion about this service, because on the one hand it is great, and on the other hand, there are a lot of products that do not impress with their quality. something for something.

3. The shortage of stores is also the fault of the global problems with the availability of spare parts

Unfortunately, there is still a huge problem in the world with the availability of semiconductors and this is not going to change soon. We will certainly have to be patient by the end of the year, but in 2022 a lot of new technologies for computers and cars will appear. They all use similar electronic parts that someone has to produce and deliver. Global logistical problems, a pandemic, production constraints between factories and staff shortages have led to significant delays in the thousands of orders that now have to be compensated, and more are arriving each week. It could take up to 2023 to correct this mess, according to Intel.

While the demand for PS5 remains unchanged, players are eagerly awaiting the replenishment of their inventory. Some people buy Xbox due to lack of options, but it’s also impossible to get hardware in the US. In Poland, the situation is slightly better in this case. I won’t mention how many people haven’t gotten their graphics cards yet, and often the richest spend several thousand zlotys just to get their own GPU and maybe… start digging. Because availability problems are also the result of the work of tens of thousands of miners, which is associated with the rise in the price of Bitcoin. Here’s your curiosity – did you know that if you invested $1000 in this cryptocurrency in 2011, today, ten years later, you would have more than $116.4 million in your account? I’m just saying. Too bad I didn’t do it myself.

2. Exclusive games and proven brands are of key importance

Of course, the PS5 wouldn’t be very successful without some great exclusives. Sony started with great fanfare, introducing a very successful remake of Demon’s Souls, as well as Spider Man: Miles Morales, considered by some to be a great addition to “one”, as well as the adorable Sackboy family. The following exas have also conquered the market, led by the great Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the highly successful Returns. It’s only been 10 months since the PS5 launched, and here we’ve already received at least four great exclusive titles. We still have Deathloop ahead, which promises to be at least interesting.

The next part of Horizon probably won’t come out this year – then we’ll have a real carnage. But it is still a successful year for PlayStation 5 owners. The Astro playroom, which is pre-installed on each console, perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of the console and is a very successful production, but of course – small and insignificant. Destroying AllStars or Godfall are also modest. Sony ensured at the beginning of the generation that it would offer the largest number of exes in PlayStation history, and given the first few months, it looks like it will deliver on its promise. We still have the mysterious Ken, although this is an independent production, as well as creators who specialize more in animated films. Players are looking forward to the next game announced by God of War, the next game from Naughty Dog or Gran Turismo 7.

1. This is truly the next generation equipment with innovative cushion and controversial appearance

Despite the fact that I’m a huge fan of the new Xbox, both stronger and weaker, seeing the XSX and PS5 in the store and having no idea about consoles, I think the PlayStation is stronger and newer. It just looks like that. Some go to, others can’t even look at it. I got used to it, although my initial feelings were very mixed. Today, when I look at this equipment firsthand, I can appreciate the skill of the engineers. Installing an SSD requires a little effort, and the drive may be quieter, but thankfully, the console doesn’t tend to overheat and doesn’t climb to the jet-boot ceiling, like early PlayStation 4 models.

In addition, Sony has actively introduced the advantages of the new DualSense controller, which is more comfortable not only in terms of ergonomics. It has a new, more modern design, tactile vibrations and adaptive stimuli that make a big impression. It is impossible not to be happy with such an Astro game, especially when we are sitting down to play this game for the first time. Likewise, we’re very pleased to move the Lombaxes in the new Ratchet & Clank, where you can feel every change of surface on the cushion. Sony also released excellent wireless headphones – Pulse 3D, which in exclusive games add amazing quality and change the reception of a certain production. The sound coming from it is great, in fact my location, and gamers from all over the world appreciate this product very much. Check out their voice in The Witcher 3, it’s unfavorable to them, for example after entering a hostel. fairy tale!

In its advertising campaign, Sony came very close to presenting the equipment very selectively from the start. Nothing was shown, until finally, when the PS5 trailer crashed, the whole world couldn’t look away. They did everything right. We already knew about the Xbox and its appearance over a year before its premiere. He did not provoke such excitement, and building tension is something that the Japanese do not know like anyone, and they have proven it many times. I am happy to read your comments here. What do you think about that, have you already got your PS5 or are you planning to buy this console in the future? I encourage you to discuss! Speak soon!

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