Sony prepares ads in PlayStation games.  The company is developing a competitive plan for Microsoft . proposal

Business Insider editors continue their investigation into the placement of ads in games by major companies. Journalists assure that Microsoft not only wants to make space for the promotion of products – Sony is also developing a similar project.

The Japanese manufacturer is scheduled to conduct “tests with ad technology partners” to place ads in PlayStation games in the same way as the Microsoft project – the first presentation of the proposal is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Business Insider has received a message from three sources, according to her Sony wants to encourage developers to develop free-to-play productions in which developers can place ads from third-party companies. This way, the company wants to offer more F2P games on its consoles.

The sources said, “The new project, which is scheduled to start by the end of 2022, will include placing advertisements in the PlayStation games themselves, which will be sold on the private market.” The goal is to make ads appear as if they were part of the game, like digital billboards in sports stadiums. Ad formats may include those that reward viewers for watching ads and promotions on in-game items, such as avatars.”

Business Insider also confirmed that while Microsoft does not intend to take advantage of this, Sony has not currently decided whether it wants to collect some revenue. One whistleblower said the company would collect money from publishers and developers in exchange for “data on consumer activity on the PlayStation system.”

Sony started developing the project about 18 months ago – shortly after the PS5 was launched.

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