Fans are regaining their confidence in Gran Turismo 7 thanks to the update that gave them their beloved car.  They've been waiting for this for 11 years
28 Mark 2024, 08:18

Gran Turismo 7's March update is as rich in content as the previous two updates, but has been better received by players. This is thanks to the Toyota GT-One, whose fans have been waiting for its return for many years.

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to update (Original post: March 27)

Update 1.44 is now available for download. At full speed Change list There was the usual: listings for the many models that got the option to replace the engine and a chat in a café. In addition, the rewards for a single race in World Circuits have been increased and some minor features have been added to the skin editor and search engine for related player creations.

Studio Polyphony Digital has been in trouble again with the Gran Turismo 7 update – and that, contrary to appearances, is good news. We've been receiving bits of new content at regular intervals since January, which is a welcome change compared to the long and irregular outages that occurred over the past year. And after March update (1.44) scheduled to be held tomorrow morningonce again unimpressive in terms of the number of attractions, was welcomed with open arms by the fans.

Players' enthusiasm is due to one of the three cars added in the update – Toyota GT-One (TS020) '99. She is a Japanese legend in endurance racing and an object of worship for gamers Big tourismwho first encountered this form in the second installment (1999) and for the last time in the sixth installment (2013) – and has since been pleading loudly for Polyphony Digital to bring it back.

The other two cars in the update are the Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus '16 and the Lamborghini Urus '18.. The latter also deserves attention because it is the first SUV to exist in it Gran Turismo 7. The Audi is another manifestation of PD's catch-up with modern sports cars – in this case, the second-generation R8 (although its racing version was previously available in the game).

Here's what else the update brings:

  1. Three individual races on world-class tracks;
  2. Additional Listing (Jaguar Collection);
  3. 26 posters from the upcoming anime High-velocity star (Available for a limited time);
  4. Fukushima scene in scenery mode.

Despite the joy of the Toyota GT-One, players were again disappointed when they noticed the lack of a new road (even more expected than the famous car). The full list of changes will be provided tomorrow morning – if there are any other points worth noting, I will add them in an update.

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