Drogovsky’s costly mistake helped Juventus.  “The Old Man” in the Italian Cup Final!

Juventus qualifies for the Italian Cup final! Allegri’s players beat Fiorentina 3-0 (1-0, 2-0) on aggregate and will fight Inter with the cup.

Before today’s match against Juventus, he was in a better position. The “old lady” won her first semi-final match with Fiorentina (1: 0) and in the rematch she only had to confirm her superiority.

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Tried to do it in the first half. In the 29th minute, Dusan Vlahovic had a great chance, but the Serbian missed the ball and the ball went safely to Bartomij Drogovsky’s basket, who got a chance from his team coach in the starting lineup.

However, the failure of the Serbs was soon forgotten. In the 32nd minute, Bernardeschi stood in front of the opportunity, who took advantage of the costly mistake of the aforementioned Polish goalkeeper. Italian football made the hosts a 1-0 lead.

Fiorentina, however, could have led to a draw even before switching sides. Arthur Cabral showed a great job in the 41st minute, but Perrin got in the way of the Brazilian who stopped him with a stunning display.

After the team switch, the guests continued the attack but their efforts were not over yet. Lucas Koutra in the 51st minute jumped into the middle from a fixed part of the match, but Perrin once again showed a superb tackle.

But in the 56th minute, the “old lady” players came close. Denis Zakaria moved into a good position, shot well and shot well, but he only hit the right column of the goal under Drojovsky’s guard.

In the 69th minute, Juventus scored the second goal, but it was not recognized. The goal was scored by Adrien Rabiot, but the Frenchman was offside, which was noticed thanks to the intervention of the video assistant referee.

In the end, the “old lady” achieved her goal. In the 94th minute, Danilo grabbed the ball and defeated Drojovsky with a sure shot, thus concluding Juve’s arrival to the Italian Cup final.

Wojciech Szczęsny sat for the whole match on the bench, while Krzysztof Piątek did not enter the field until the 79th minute.


April 20 2022 | 21:00


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