Someone stop her!  The oiler did it again.  Whom did you thank for the victory of the Poles?

The Polish national team, which beat Saudi Arabia 2: 0 today, leads the Group C table with four points. Congratulations are pouring in for the Poles, including … The TVN star congratulated the Polish football players, but not only.

Special thanks to the coaches from Germany, Spain, England and Italy who taught our best players she wrote on Instagram.

It goes without saying that Czeslaw Michniewicz is the coach responsible for the tactics of the Polish national team. During the World Cup, club football fades into the background, but apparently not for the host of “Kropka nad i”.

Monica Oleynik. I don’t know, so I’ll tell you

This isn’t the first time Olejnik has shone during a World Cup. After the German players covered their mouths in the photo before the losing (1: 2) match with Japan, Olezhnik happily exclaimed on TVN, thanking in German. “Danke, Deutschland” – fell on the air.

In turn, before the match with Saudi Arabia, Olegnik Zbigniew Boniek, former president of the Polish Football Association. – Wouldn’t it make it easier for Arab players to get yellow cards, now they will be disturbed in the match with us? It exploded at some point.

When Boniek replied that “it won’t bother them, because it doesn’t matter at all”, Olezhnik continued: – No, no, I mean … But if they get more yellow cards during the match, it will be so. Like red and they will fly or not?

Another guest from Olejnik – Jerzy Dudek – only smiled under his breath. But, as you can see, the maelstrom of laughter did not stop.


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