Threats on Russian TV.  "Nuclear bombs will fall on London" - O2

Ukrainian services reported that the Russians are trying to destroy the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. The complex in Zaporizhia, consisting of six reactors, will be launched regularly by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. According to the Ukrainians, the Russians plan to blow it up with mines.

The United Nations has warned that the situation on the ground has been “out of control” since the Russians seized the power plant in March. According to the world agency, Vladimir Putin’s soldiers had to violate “all possible security measures.” However, Russian propaganda denies these findings and claims that the Ukrainian army is shooting at power stations.

On Monday, August 8, Yuri Kot, leader of the pro-Kremlin Paros movement, spoke live on Russia 1 in the evening. He assessed that “Ukraine and the West are creating a fictional reality.”

This situation needs clarification, for the United Kingdom and the United States. If the Zaporozhye power plant is damaged and a nuclear catastrophe occurs, then two nuclear bombs will fall on the decision-making centers of London and Washington. He stressed that there would be no further talks.

Russian propaganda threatens the West. “The end of the world will happen before our eyes”

However, the words of the guest invited to the studio did not appeal to all those present. Historian, political scientist and head of the Moscow Center for Political Information linked to the Kremlin [“niezaleŇľne” centrum badawcze] Alexei Mukhin saw that such advertising would not bring anything good.

He stressed that such a step would activate the mutual destruction protocol, so I will refrain from such statements.

Words about atomic bombs falling on London and Washington are not the only threats posed by Russian propaganda. Igor Korotchenko, a reserve colonel and editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defense magazine, said on Monday that Europe would face a “nuclear winter” as the Kremlin cut off gas supplies.

The end of the world will happen before our eyes. Power cuts, gas shortages, unhappiness in the streets, problems with the police, desperate attempts to survive. There will be no food or electricity. And the most important thing is that there will be no hope – Korotchenko described.

The Russians use the power plant as a “shield”. “It’s either Russian or no one.”

On Monday, Ukraine’s nuclear energy agency Energotom announced that the Russians had planted explosives at the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia and were ready to “detonate” it. The words of Russian Major General Valery Vasiliev were quoted.

We have eliminated all the important power plant facilities and are not hiding them from the enemy. We warned them. The enemy knows that the plant will be Russian or no one. We are ready for the consequences of this move, said the army chief, Vladimir Putin.

Intelligence reports say that Russian soldiers are using the areas around the power plant to recapture their forces. Near the factory to protect them from the fire of Ukraine. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Russia’s actions around the power plant “the height of irresponsibility” and accused Moscow of using it as a “nuclear shield”.

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