Someone burned a Range Rover of one of the most important Russian TV preachers

“Today, at about three o’clock in the morning, the police in Feodosia received information about a fire in two vehicles in the village of Koktebel. The police explained all the circumstances of this incident. Eyewitnesses and potential witnesses are being questioned” – says the press release of the prosecutor .

Local media say the burning vehicles include an electric golf cart and a Range Rover. Both cars are owned by Dmitry Kiselyov, a prominent employee of Russian state television and one of the most important advocates of war. Cars were parked in front of his villa in Koktobiel.

From the beginning of the war, Kisilo supported “Special Operation”. However, he is also very aggressive – Britain has already threatened a nuclear strikeAnd even talk about the truth of it The world could be destroyed in a global nuclear war if Russia doesn’t get what it wants.

Local news outlets in Crimea published CCTV footage showing a man setting fire to Kiselyov’s cars:

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