There will be carbon offset.  For those who offered a regulated price

Carbon allowance is the government’s second option in addressing rising coal prices. Or not PIS It is planned to introduce a regulated price for raw materials, set at the level of PLN 996.60 per ton. Coal stores that sell raw materials at this price were to receive PLN 1073 compensation from the state.

However, the idea soon fell apart. According to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, it was the fault of the businessmen themselves, who “did not want to cooperate.” However, the sellers themselves assured that they would contribute to the business with these compensation amounts.

But what about the entrepreneurs who already set a regulated price for coal before the government pulled out of the idea?

Law of July 22, 2022. On the carbon allowance, it provides a guarantee to entrepreneurs who have already set a fixed price for coal in their offer “- answers Department of Education and Communication of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The ministry adds that according to the Carbon Allowance Bill for transactions already made, “the provisions of the Act on special solutions to protect recipients of certain solid fuels with regard to the situation in the market for these fuels will apply – so that they can count on the payment of compensation.”

For whom is the carbon supplement?

This was announced by the Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moscow The carbon allowance will be paid in the amount of PLN 3,000. zloty per household registered in the Buildings Central Emissions Register, or that submitted an application with an indication of the source of coal-based heating. Volunteers will be able to apply for the payment of the carbon allowance until November 30, once the law goes into effect.

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