June 2, 2023


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2023 At the construction site in the lower part of Silesia from S3 – we are searching a giant tunnel

The tunnel on S3, which is being built in Lower Silesia, is simply gigantic. The General Directorate of National Roads and Highways systematically reports the progress of the works. Today we present to you the construction site in January. This is what investing has looked like for the past 3 weeks – so not all the pictures have snow. What is the cost of building S3? When will the S3 build be completed? In which areas does the S3 motorway run? You will find answers to these and other questions below.

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The S3 motorway is adjacent to the A4 motorway and the S5 motorway, which is the most important road in Lower Silesia. When its construction is completed, it will gain more importance. An additional attraction will be the opportunity to travel through one of the longest tunnels in the country.

The section currently under construction, or in fact two sections, runs from the link near Bolków to the state border at Lubawka. Today we focus on the first part – Bolków – Kamienna Góra.

This section is a two-way S3 motorway with a length of approximately 16.1 km. Each lane will have two traffic lanes and an emergency lane. Two two-bay road tunnels are also under construction here – the TS-26 tunnel, about 2,300 meters long, between the towns of Sady Górne, Stare and Nowe Bogaczowice, and the TS-32 tunnel, about 320 meters long, near the village of Gostków.