June 7, 2023


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Avira Crypto - Cryptocurrency miner in Avira Antivirus

Avira Crypto – Cryptocurrency miner in Avira Antivirus

Antivirus software should be associated with security that protects computer users from attacks and scams. The creators of Avira Antivirus decided to integrate an add-on into their software – it’s all about … the cryptocurrency miner.

Avira Introduces Cryptocurrency Miner to Antivirus

Avira Crypto is an additional feature in the Avira Free Antivirus suite (also known as Avira Free Security) that allows users to use their computer to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

Avira Crypto

Avira Crypto

The developers of the program boast that the functionality allows you to safely earn on the unused computing power of the computer. Funds collected from your Avira Crypto wallet can be transferred to your Coinbase account.

Digger antivirus is not necessarily a good idea

Avira Antivirus users must agree to activate the digger, but introducing such a feature remains a controversial decision. Some users suggest that antivirus software should detect and block miners, not promote them.

Avira - VirusTotal Check
VirusTotal scanner classifies Avira installer as malicious or unsafe due to the built-in digger

It is worth noting that Avira Antivirus from Avira Crypto can be detected as a potential threat to your computer.

Why did the developers decide to introduce an excavator? We can’t help but doubt. Avira charges a commission for mining (but does not provide accurate information about the amount of the commission). Given that the program is very popular (the creators boast about 500 million users), this functionality can be a great business idea.

It is worth noting that some time ago a similar functionality was introduced in the Norton 360 package … which has the same owner Avira (NortonLifeLock Corporation). In the case of Norton, the creators charge a commission of 15% of the income.

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What do you think of a cryptocurrency miner in an antivirus? Do you use such a function? Or maybe it’s against introducing the rigs into the safety packages?

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