June 6, 2023


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e-Toll PL or e-Toll PL TICKET?  Ministry advises

e-Toll PL or e-Toll PL TICKET? Ministry advises

The slowness of the Polish state apparatus turned out to be unchanged. There has always been talk of filtering portals and introducing a more convenient solution for everyone in the form of a mobile application. Years passed until the long-awaited moment arrived. Yes! Here’s the new app for e-Toll drivers!

By default, the system was supposed to monitor and save the route remotely, automatically collecting funds from the user’s account after driving in a specific section. In the initial period of operation of the application, it was still possible to pay for the ticket at the gates. For many drivers, this was a more convenient solution than the application, which turned out to be inconvenient and unintuitive, and additionally required detailed data entry.

After a period of coexistence of both solutions, it is time to implement the new application as the only correct method of payment. Only a few days after running the revolutionary solution, the application went to a complete bottom, which caused many problems for drivers – it kept crashing, had to run constantly on the home screen (otherwise it stopped working properly), often all appeared Types of errors, which only emphasized the inept development of the system. Given the scale of the problem, the Ministry of Finance appears to have given up and is advising passenger car drivers to use a different app.

In an official press release, the ministry advises passenger car users to use the e-Toll PL TICKET.

– If you are a passenger car driver and want to use the fastest and most convenient method of payment for the use of the motorway in the A2 and A4 state sections, choose the e-TOLL PL TICKET application – we read in the announcement of the Ministry .

As you can read from the neat table sent out by the government, the e-Toll is a solution intended primarily for truck drivers and as an alternative for people traveling in passenger cars. For the latter, government professionals expect the e-Toll PL TICKET. It is more convenient that instead of providing detailed information, you only need to provide the registration number, class and country of registration of the vehicle as well as the date, time and route of the trip.

In addition, instead of a window in front of the highway, the ministry suggests the same window, but differently – to buy a ticket, we must go to the Orlin gas station. As you can see, classic solutions are preferable and many drivers will probably use this option.


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