So far, no change is expected

The head of the MEiN radio station Jedynka was asked about the epidemiological situation and the way schools, incl. About whether learning should move to the far mode due to the fourth wave.

– I listen all the time to the Minister of Health, Adam Nedzelsky, whom I respect and appreciate very much. I listen to Chief Health Inspector Krzysztof Sackzka, whom I respect and appreciate very much. So far, I have not heard any opinion, or received any comment from them to think about it at all – said the minister.

“Today it is different.”

We are fully aware that with the second and third waves the situation was different from the fourth. Such decisions were needed to cut off social contact, the social contacts in which the virus is spreading. Today the situation is different, it is difficult, but not as in the case of the second and third waves – Kazarnik’s assessment.

The minister emphasized that as long as this was possible – and so far no change is expected – steady education will continue. – They are required, even necessary – he stressed.

“There is no disharmony”

When asked if there is a dissonance in distance learning between him and the head of the Ministry of Health, Kazarnik replied that “there is no dissonance.”

– We have been in full contact from the beginning, since June we have agreed on a procedure to provide schools with more than 100 million PLN equipment to protect students, teachers and the entire school environment from the Corona virus. We are still of the same opinion, Czarnik said.

– Of course I cannot rule out a case in which the health service will be on the verge of efficiency again, and there will be a lot of cases of illness, and most of all hospitalization and severe cases, it will be necessary to affect social contacts again – said the head of MEiN.

– I expect that initially, if this happens, we will have limitations in other areas of public life, and not in school, because we are all aware that distance learning has caused a great loss both in knowledge and in the physical and mental state of our students – he added.

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