Zayn Malik wants to avoid a custody battle for his 13-month-old daughter.  Yolanda Hadid Could Spoil His Business...

Zayn Malik On tongues around the world then Yolanda Hadid She stated that the singer called her “Dutch sluts” during class and committed a trick against her. Gigi Hadid’s relentless mother brought the matter to the attention of the relevant authorities. According to US newspapers, the singer has reportedly agreed to a settlement On the basis of the so-called A plea from no contest. Thus, he asserted that he was able to gather enough evidence to prove his guilt, but he did not admit it officially. Goyazdur was fined and was under the supervision of a probation officer.

According to the magazine’s source, woman, beautiful He fears that he will have problems taking care of his daughter throughout the incident. He promised to do everything in his power to avoid the imprisonment of the 13-month-old Khai. The former One Direction star is “deeply concerned” about his family’s future after an extraordinary media feud with his potential mother-in-law.

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Gigi takes care of Khai together. Any indication that Zayn has a problem with aggressiveness or that he can’t be trusted to take care of her properly is something he will fight with every ounce of his body. Zain’s business partner said to Mr. woman


The magazine reported that even if 26-year-old Gigi hadn’t caused any problems with Zayn looking after their young daughter, Yolanda could take “legal moves” that would make the whole thing more difficult for the singer.

As the magazine notes with informants, Gigi claims Zayn is very good at the role.

Do you think Yolanda Hadid has a similar opinion of her daughter?

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